Moi, smallerONCE UPON A TIME

yes, but it was back in the heady days of dragons, knights on horseback, feminine wimmin, and all that anyone had to worry about was the insane murderous foul and filthy foreigner. And so long as the last mentioned stayed in his sandy cesspit worshipping his beloved Allah (peace be upon Him) (and his peaceful minions—over there) all was right with the world.

AND THEN some total (it means absolute, complete) idiot got hold of the ‘Christian charity’ thing and ran with it.

And the fact that ‘they’ outbreed the natives (why is that?) (don’t ask …) means that the lesser stature unmanly effeminate effete Western society is doomed to extinction via simple mathematics:

  • they are Islamic
  • we are not
  • they breed like rabbits
  • we do not

and the clincher:

  • in their religion* there is NO apostasy. Once in, that’s it; to try to get out is a death sentence. (Read that again, I’ll wait.)

But, I hear you squirm, but-but-but WE have laws!

Yeah, sure we do. You do. For now. Based on ‘democracy’, no? So whosoever outvotes (it means outnumbers) whom sets the pace, no?

We The People of our own traditions, now following the agenda set by the unthinking, may wake up in time.

Or not.

But bear in mind:



* It’s not a ‘religion’ as we tend to think of religion. It is, in fact, a completely dominated way of life. No ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’: you’re either with us, or against us; and Death To The Infidel!

(But: it is THE “great religion of peace”**  … go figure).

** And compassion, love, kindness charity and mercy.


voice for God, or

a call to further fund the ultimately cunning? Hey, don’t ask me, go ask your “let’s bend over backwards to accommodate” PC folks. (And yes, I would indeed be happy to explain — ask, and ye shall receive.)

Your quote:


line, turquoise thin

The Echo of “Allahu Akbar”Muslim Calls to Prayers Get a Mixed Reception in Germany

A growing number of mosques in Germany are seeking permission to conduct calls to prayer over loudspeakers. Residents and critics in some cities are pushing back.
line, turquoise thin
If indeed anywhere in the ‘west’ (before these invaders were imported) we had ‘noise control’ laws … why do we relax then now to accommodate the vicious? 
Incomers should adapt themselves to US (to we, the natives) — or get the hell out, back to the slime-pit religious dictatorships they are “fleeing”.
Again, I see it—and am calling it—as an invasion. Would anybody disagree?


Screen Shot 2020-07-03 at 08.12.08MOI?

Hell, no …

Saudi Arabia has reported about 4,000 new cases of coronavirus per day, among the fastest-growing caseloads in the world. Despite that, the government has ended lockdown measures.

I’m just your basic observer … for source: CLICK HERE

And God looks after His own. I did read somewhere that the Hajj is cancelled this year—just God’s little way of looking after His own. He’s good like that …


“Argus! Yes, you! DOG!”

(Bugger … wot now?)

“Yes, Mr God, Sir?”

“Cool it with your sarcasm, Dog. My corona is a serious business—”


“Gotta thin out the population somehow. Planet ain’t getting any bigger—”

“But they’re your chosen people, Sir!”

“Them, the Jews, the Seventh Day folks, the Mormons, and any other bugger with a holy Book, slick tongue and endless collection buckets—”

“Good luck, Sir. Er … … any dogs on your list?”

“Only on my list of Martyrs, Dog: there’s always room for you at my table; and don’t look so damned smug!”


Argus triumphant




as if we don’t have enough troubles. I posted this on Ark’s blog and being a sucker for punishment am inviting rebuttal—

All this endless debate about it and about … who the Hell cares? So long as we are all free to read whatever we like, say whatever we like, and act within a genuinely ‘human’ moral code? (Which means, Christians, no more burning folks at the stake. It means, Islamists, leave little girls along until at least puberty or big enough to take your weight. And please, stop cutting people’s heads off.)
It means, Others, go right ahead in Freedom but do NOT restrict my freedoms in any way, or those of any other innocent.

So if as a religionist (which religion? There’s hundreds of them!) you want to spread your own ‘good word’ you are free to do so and I am as free to shoot down your unprovable (mostly indemonstrable) claims. No?

—which I fear may be a loooong time coming. So, all you religionists and other debatably ‘nice’ people … this isn’t so much an invitation as a challenge. Feel free …

BT & ball grin



sayeth the Good Guy—.

—and without blinking an eye adds


All very poetical, indeed. But is it valid—as a hint, as a warning, as a bloody threat?

You know … I don’t give damn. My own stream flows between its own banks and I don’t give a Big Rat’s for anyone’s opinions. And I regard myself as moral. More so than many blasted morality spouting boofwi… and now, here’s your wee quote to ponder for the day. Have fun—

“Ms. Ilhan, whose life he threatened, however asks for compassion for the man…

“We must apply a system of compassion to criminal justice. Who are we as a nation if we respond to threats of political retribution with retribution ourselves?”

This, folks, is class.  It is compassion.  It is human decency.”

The lady is quoted as being an Islamist. In (where else?) the US of A. (Where, of course, in the main she can get away with saying almost anything.)


something completely different. I invite you to pop over to Mecca (don’t bother if not Islamic—unless things have changed you have to be a Muslim to get in. The old ‘closed city’ trick). (Keeps the filth out …)

OR you can go to Iran and try spouting some of your ‘free speech’ nonsense there—but be careful lest thee offend Allah and some/any of his minions. It’s very easily done. And then the great religion becomes a bit unpleasant—but only, mind you, only in accordance with God’s holy law.

Now I’m off to see if I can find a working definition of ‘compassion’ that might be adapted to become a universal. (This may take some time, so don’t wait up.)

ye Gods


Oh no … He sounds a bit peeved …

“Yes, Mr God, Sir?”

“They are my peoples too, you know!”

“Wot? I mean, Wot, your Godliness, Sir?”

“They are my People-Of-The-Book too!”






NOT AT ALL Fly Pig, left big

in fact as happy as a jaded cynic can possibly when armed with a camera (and all prejudices vibrating at peak) when a couple of apparently Moslem chappies stepped arrogantly out of the side-street, too closely crossed my bows, and hoofed briskly away in front. Deep in animated conversation they completely ignored the well-wrapped figure—still perceivably feminine despite the accoutrements of over-dress—carrying a bonny wee babe in her arms silently following several yards behind.

They ignored her completely.

My first thought, that perhaps they might be deeply in love (with each other) was abandoned when I put their behaviour down to cultural differences. WOGs*.

My bows crossed but course unchanged I followed close behind and observed … that … at no time did either of them give the slightest sign that they were aware of the lady’s presence. She may as well have been a trained dog (in fact, I think she was).

AND she trotted astern in silence, holding and tending what was obviously a well cared for and much loved infant. I considered a snap or two for later commentary but gave away the whole idea—some WOGs* get a bit scratchy if a sub-human pays any attention to the lady they are totally ignoring; and I’m old enough now to be a bit more discreet.


and I went mine. But later when wanting a shot of the soon to be demolished Cambridge Arcade I saw them sitting outside the Esk Street entrance I reconsidered. The two guys were still deep in animated conversation, and (the missus?) aside in silence except for the child.

I got my snap and nobody noticed …

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 11.09.50.png

—make of it what you will. I found myself wondering if Mr Redhat and Mr Brown jacket were discussing tactics, strategy, ways-and-means of taking over New Zealand so it too could become an Islamic paradise.

Naaaaah … Islam is the definitive Great Religion Of Peace, no?

Stupid paranoid dog …

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 18.10.05


* WOG being of course “Word Of God” … I use it not pejoratively but to define. (Saves a lot of text.)


for that link  down finger

found here:  CLICK ME!   (Do it—you know you want to … )


the good doctor makes a very good point (actually, the same point I’ve often made)(but does anyone ever listen? Nooooo …) namely that

“Islam isn’t just a religion—

—it’s a complete way of life!

The Catholic church used to do that too, until de-fanged by civilisation. But pitting education, manners, liberty, etiquette, equality for women, free speech, democracy and all that simpering un-Islamic effeminism against the masculine bliss  power of Islam —   brrrrrrrrr!

The pen is oft claimed to be ‘mightier than the sword’. But you just try defending yourself with a pen against an enthusiastic Islamist with a Koran in one hand, scimitar in the other and the light of God blazing from his eyes. (Awww, go ahead … everyone is entitled to one mistake.)

Thanks, Ark~! I owe you … and there goes the rest of my Sunday.


That one is definitely not a oncer:  it calls for some serious viewing.


is the


skull & bonesDiscussion over at the Ark’s blog: private gun ownership, laws pertaining, and firearms control.


different world. One that only sometimes laments a kook getting loose with weaponry and an overdose of ‘stupid’ hormone (with  enthusiasm to match).


casualty count here was some fifty worshippers killed in mosques in our earthquake-prone wee town of Christchurch. Apparently some Australian guy couldn’t do it at home so he popped over here to us, purchased the appropriate toys—and indulged his wildest dreams. Not good.


have to be

  • why? and
  • how so?

Let’s leave out the ‘how’ for now. It doesn’t need answering. But the ‘why’ is interesting:


it was all yesterday’s news (and we’ve heard nothing much since) I can only guess at his motives. One might assume that he didn’t like Islamics, and by taking arms against a sea of Moslems was attempting to end them.

Then again perhaps he was just getting his jollies … you know, “boy’s toys” … his Mum should have taught him better manners, no?

Yes, she damn’ well should have.

So I’m setting up a simple straw-man here? I don’t think so … I’m striving for the Root Causes (and they ain’t simple).

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 20.42.30.png


which I imagine his keepers are now working on:

  • was he (is he) insane?

If he’s found to be insane I imagine he’ll be locked away in a secure facility somewhere (for at least a few token weeks before being paroled). For myself I’d venture that any tourist running around in New Zealand popping off the locals is insane. A bit …

If he’s insane the easiest answer now would be to pop him off  (oops) lock him away for ever  a while. People soon forget; especially when the duck shooting season opens tomorrow—first Saturday in May (Boom boom!).


floating some possible answers to the hand-wringing questions, particularly the old perpetual favourite

“How can we stop this ever happening again?”

especially when spoilt brats with guns keep popping up finger-pointing-down

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 18.00.54

—in the most wannabe peaceful places.

(400 words already so I’ll continue tomorrow, with some of my utterly ridiculous suggestions.)


Boom boom and pass the percolator …



skull & bonesINDEED

Read me,

and you’ll know that I stand entirely for unfettered Freedoms.




It’s YES—

—so long as YOUR freedom doesn’t infringe mine, and mine doesn’t infringe yours.

Hold that thought … and we’ll look at the definition of ‘anarchy’—

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 16.55.08.png

—and anyone knowing human behaviour will promptly think that ‘anarchy’ is not a good idea. Some people are thieves, others looters and/or murdering rapists, others are religious kooks who’ll do anything to make their god/s supreme (and all others grounds for murder).

Legal murder; it’s hee hoo time again:






we need objective laws.

It’s a common dream and everyone everywhere bleats along with it—the few exceptions are of course irrelevant unrealistic idealistic Cranks. I too think that laws, good strong laws coupled with the oomph to back ’em up are a good thing.

Sometimes …


before I go any further with this it’s time for your ‘prescribed reading’ (in this instance, viewing) after which there will be neither test nor examination but you’ll feel better for it.


Yes … now go get ’em, Tiger:                   finger-pointing-down

And tell me in words of one syllable whether you’d rather exist in a system based on objective laws or  … … … God’s Laws. (laws revealed to His Chosen by God).


I’m old enough not to care a hoot—by the time God gets elected here in NZ I’ll be gone, and I have no downlines.

So: does the thought of God ruling your own worry you at all?

Why should it? God, as we are often told, is infinitely merciful, all forgiving, all powerful and so compassionate you just wouldn’t believe … the only catch is—

—you have to believe

and believe with no hint of doubt. Definitely no questions.

Your call …

Screen Shot 2019-04-13 at 08.30.38