Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.48.46these apples, hey?

“The mystery of why Stonehenge was built on the unremarkable chalk plateau of Salisbury Plain may have finally been solved.

An expert claims two of Stonehenge’s largest stones had been in place at the site for millions of years before Neolithic people built the monument.

Their coincidental alignment with the sunrise and sunset on the longest and shortest days of the year prompted ancient people to construct Stonehenge around them.

Mike Pitts specialises in British pre-history and is one of a small number of scientists who have excavated on the site of the ancient monument…”

To read from source (NZH):  CLICK HERE (or go ask a druid)

I still say them ancients had a rock fetish. Rocks in their heads … rocked out … were

“Mr Argus—!”

(Oops … Little Virginia don’t lets me get away wiv nuffink. She’s no fun …)

And I must admit, that ‘their coincidental alignment’ bit really (as in really really REALLY) appeals to me: I can just imagine ol’ Ug, the hairy caveman, trotting along at dawn one day looking for a bunny for the brekky pot when he unexpectedly notices the alignments (by pure coincidence) … serendipity in extremis, I love it~!

Bugbear big

“Did too! Ya wanna make sumpfink of it?”

No …


Brrrrrr …





Dodo not another pathetic bleat—

“The discovery came as a shock to scientists at the time, according to Dr Torsten Neubert, ASIM’s lead scientist.”

Of course it came as a shock to the eggheads (I affectionately call ’em eggies). Think about it: who, whilst defending his turf, is going to give any form of credence to observations anecdotal made by unlettered laymen?

“That really surprised all of us. How come this exists and we didn’t know it? Airline pilots must have known about it – there are some anecdotal descriptions,” the Technical University of Denmark physicist said.

D’uhhhhh … yeah, sure … they must have …

I remember reading in the past some patronising debunkings of mistaken airline pilots (and other reportings by such and similar).

Face it: any reporting of any event of any nature by any one not accredited by the recognised experts in any field/s is all anecdote (hearsay, delusion, wishful thinking and/or fantasy).


But once the rabid experts have been backed into their corner by the facts there becomes a sudden invokement of yet another phenomenon: the total volte-face by said experts with the concomitant (and predictable) most vociferous hearty endorsing of the (previous) heresy.

And no … I’m not an indignant UFO nut.

I’m an indignant (insert field of own choice here*) nut.

A nut with a case of severe mistrust of expertal dogma. Dogmae. Dogmas …whatever; here, have a nice nut (if our resident expert can crack it for you)


*  So long as your choice is valid (as decided by me) (only me, now—I’m the expert in me, here)**.

** No-one else gets a look in, it’s a lifetime study and strictly monopolised.




variants of this image I see,

down there (2nd one)

finger down

I love ’em~!


Some background:

I first came across the image when a Swiss chappie made a name (and fortune) for himself by showing virtually unknown items and asking unasked questions of the layman reader.

As a reader you had to fill in some of the gaps although ol’ Erich wasn’t above helping both readers and facts along as necessary—such sells books, made him a mint, and is grist to the mill*.


(well … one of ’em, the one I most remember) is that it’s simply an epitathical representation of the deceased aristocrat (under it) doing whatever it was that deceased nobles did at the time.

But the more I look at it the more I can see where the Cranks are coming from.

And why …


The slab atop The Lord’s tomb. (Doesn’t look much , huh?)


what it looks like—squiggles aside—is what triggers the ‘creepy’ feelings. Brrrr—


anyone, after being told what I now cannot help but see, to look at it and not see an astronaut piloting a sky-bound craft.


I know the nice archaeologists who tell us it’s The Lord performing some religious ritual have to be in the ball park—

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 13.38.07 copy.png

apres moi les etoilles

But doubts opened my eyes, for which I am grateful. And they make me question endlessly; which is a real bastard because life is so much easier when you accept any dribble on faith value and never have to resolve contradictions.

Thanks, Erich.

You’ll keep …





Whatever a grist is. (Something American country folk like to eat?)




Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 19.12.32

“Qui? Moi?” *



Boom boom! (Mel—does He fit your notions?)


Big G, bigger

(“Argie—that’s a pretty damn’ good likeness, actually!”)

Oh …


Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 17.48.17

*   “Non … Moi!




Bugger … wrong again … mutter mutter mutter …





devil-29973__340 copyfor being a believer (?) in Conspiracy Theorism, I have little to offer in my own defence beyond:

(a) not just one Conspiracy, but myriad, and

(b) don’t just take my word for it. Go look …


of the open mind of the Establishment, represented by one Dr Zahi Hawass (the noisy rambunctious failed wannabe a bully one*); and below that an image of a naive person who simply presented her facts, refused to retune them to suit the reigning party-line, and consequently lost her everything. Kudos to her integrity, but her common sense is a bit suss …

I think our Zahi was a little out of his depth.

I imagine that if he was first of the litter as a child his younger siblings had a very hard time of it …

Dr V S M.png

Her case was an interesting one, well worth the Googling (if you don’t spit on naive twits who lack the CDF to set their sails to the prevailing wind).


Those who claw scratch bite worm and work their way to the top of the heap control the flow of information, and anything that might threaten their power is ruthlessly declared anathema (and squelched to the fullest).

THIS TIME— any takers?

* Sadly for him, a wee bit out of his depth in this company.


Bop the Idiot



Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 20.32.34with a blog-pal made me ponder:

I seem to be coming across incorrectly (and I find that a bit  disconcerting).


folks might think that I actually believe there’s a worldwide undercover Conspiracy to take us all over—you know, that old “absolute control of products and resources” sort of thing.


at rest.

Not so. There’s not a worldwide undercover Conspiracy to take us over.

There’s many. (Prove it? I wish~!)


here’s a snippet for you, make of it what you will—

If you’ve sat down and watched an interview with any one of the outspoken conservative religious leaders recently, you’ve probably noticed something: they’re aging and angry …

Gone are the days of compassionate conservatism where they at least appeared to seek middle ground on various issues or where they were careful with tone. These leaders of yesteryear are are in full panic mode, and it’s showing …

When we try to break open the question as to why they seem so angry, the various answers all seem to point to one root cause: they’ve lost power and control.

During the height of the “religious right” these men were figures of power and control. Presidential candidates could not advance without their support, whether public or in secret, giving them tremendous influence over the direction of some political arms. They sold thousands of books, packed stadiums, and commanded massive influence over audiences of thirsty church goers ready to do their political bidding …

Read more: CLICK HERE

Now even the religious seem to be admitting that it’s all about Power and Control.

Whips can’t make willing slaves … but a harshly judging unseen Supervisor watching 24/7 can keep anyone in line.

Big G, bigger

“Argus! If you ‘out’ me and mine I may not be quite so forgiving …”

So if ol’ God didn’t exist, the unscrupulous* would have to invent Him.

Actually, they did … all over the world. Throughout history. Religion is just another bloody Conspiracy, no? And worldwide.


* Count the known gods of history—and that’s only a fraction of the numbers of the unscrupulous. Can I rest my case?


dodoBUT WHO?


into the face of earnest innocence and anticipations that can never be rewarded. So we travel in hope, no?


etc etc … look on my works, ye mighty, and despair” … and now we flash forward to fairly recently (late seventies—you do the sums, I’ll keep on typing) when a wee space probe/traveller/thing was fired off into the void carrying with it the forlorn hope that maybe some day, possibly gillions of years from now (or perhaps next Tuesday) someone will snaffle said artefact and decipher the encryptions there on—

Screen Shot 2018-03-02 at 21.34.22.png

—if they aren’t looking at it sideways. Perhaps rather than using it as a scoop for ashes from their cooking fires they may take it into town and offer it to their wise- (eek! Their wise what?) as a gift (read: a palm-greasing bribe) to hopefully reduce their tax bills for a while.

Although why parts of it seem to be straight lines and others dotty, hatched, or pointed could elude even their very best brains—and as for those two amorphous blobs, who knows? Now …

… cast your eyes over this  finger-pointing-down



and see if you can tell me why I thought the two images might belong on the same page; or is it just another example of canine wishful cynical thinking?


to we lunatic fringe cranks is the collection of dots between the heads of the two guys on the left. Sadly, unless the finders of The Thing have mastered the arcane art of time travel—which face it, I can’t see happening—it will be (as buried with the prize in Kit Williams’s “Masquerade”)* words to the effect:





Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 00.42.12


* For further info on KW and M:  CLICK HERE