Oh no … not

again, Mr Argus …

henpecked-1… PERLEEEEZE~ 

Hard luck, Toots! Here it comes—so deep breath, close your eyes, cross your legs and think of England:


(actually, lots of pups, but who’s counting?)


be aware that—regardless of truththe academic professionals (being people who have invested in education and now use the fruits of their labours to defend their turf) (much like anyone else) will NOT countenance any threat to their dominance. No?


whatever they have absorbed as ‘fact’ will stay locked in forever as FACT.

BUT don’t fret.

On occasion some outfielder comes in despite the flak and drops bombshells of unassailable evidence revealing the current paradigms false, wrong, a wee bit totally incorrect … and old hat. Junk.

And so some of the ‘knowledge’ gets quietly revamped. To hell with any ‘facts’ from past doctrines, they get quietly buried; the newest facts become “This is exactly what WE were saying all along!”


I have two filters where knowledge is concerned:

  • I look for apparent contradictions, and
  • does it make sense?

The Establishment has much to answer for but so long as it holds all the power progress is halted—

—until their dams burst under the accumulating weight of no-longer-deniable apostate facts. (Yes, Little Virginia … Academia too is Church.)

Here’s an instance (14 minutes)—

—make of it what you will* .

For myself I still have faith in one Virginia Steen McIntyre. And I bitterly regret that I cannot go back through time to kick the shit out of those good doctors (all highly qualified) who so wisely/cleverly prevented Semelweiss from sabotaging medicine …

     chimp rocks.gif

And the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnn …



* Clue: I’m with him~!



but still


Honestly, it’s enough to make one conclude that all the rational folks out there in blog-land have no answer. No? If you were to


was a cowboy, not … then the airwaves run blistering hot with debate. Feelings can get heated; everyone has a satisfactory answer and is willing to bombast it. But—


that neither God nor science can answer and all goes quiet. People do the blog equivalent of walk-away-whistling …  I’m left unsatisfied and they’re off the hook*. (Win/win?)


to belief.




I believe in concrete, granite, limestone, and facts. Let me put you out of your misery by revisiting an unanswered question, setting the scene with this snap taken of a modern machine transporting a massive boulder (stated to be in the region of 350 tons) in modern America—

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 19.20.43

—our rock is the white bit suspended under the roadster. Wow.

I had been considering re-posting the photos of the ancient Temple of Jupiter at Baalbeck, and of the wee 1000 (yep. Thousand) ton sculpted rocks in the local quarry but I gave it away. Instead my mind was taken by some damaged ancient walls over in South America—

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 12.38.25.png

—ao look inside that red square. See how the brickwork goes all squiggly? Here’s a close-up for those who appreciate good squiggles:

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 12.36.56.png

—and you may now tell this dum’ old dog what you think may have been done that to the wall (or was it built like that)? (Put me down for ‘done’ …)


Or must we consider that the cranks (when they babble about space aliens and ancient star-wars) … may possibly have something? Jesus, in a fit of pique?


here’s your refresher shot of the Temple of Jupiter at Baalbeck—

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 19.39.41

—and those dots are genuine full-size bog-standard human beans. The larger stones** (we are told) came from the local quarry some half a mile or more away — and in the period allocated to the builders there weren’t all that many massive red-painted road machines around (nor smooth highways on which to run them).

AS FOR Skyborne piggy copy.png

the melted walls, it’s all just too self-evidently obvious really — just ask any archaeologist. Or even a vulcanologist— I’m always hip for a reasonable explanation. Try me, and stop one.

Do I have a theory to offer? Apologies, no … I never got past all them well-whipped slaves and endless wooden rollers …

Screen Shot 2019-06-14 at 21.40.40

*   Oh … really?

** 800, 1000 tons~?



Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15furthermore, yeuch. (Not down here though … yet.)

Unprecedented? I doubt it … so?

Try this one for size—


—and ponder the possibility that Graham Hancock and his (un)illustrious buncha fellow cranks might almost possibly have a point with the point that they pointedly insist on pointing out—that perhaps along with all them big lizardy things a fairly ‘advanced’ (i.e. beyond stone age but not necessarily space-age) human breed may have existed, to be knocked back to the stone-age … by (say) a biggie asteroid?

After all … it has been done before. Just ask any dinosaur. And no-one would believe it until finally … never mind, we shan’t go down that well worn old track. I’ll just ask (boringly, I know) once again:

(a) How the hell did the ancients make (say) the temple of Jupiter at Baalbeck … and could we recreate it ourselves? Or the Serapeum? 

(b) could WE?

I feel safe in saying: not. We couldn’t …

Moving on … still cool here at 45 south, and NOT looking forward to summer. Summer stinks, think snow (bumper sticker I saw once).

chimp rocks

We too need an decent asteroid … out, out, damned rock!




dragons17in someone’s post used the expression “historical guilt” — as if history is something to be ashamed of or feel guilty for.

For myself:

I refuse to accept blame for anything I haven’t done, anything that I

  • have had no input to or control over,
  • nor involvement with;
  • and wasn’t even alive at the time.


British. And at times proud of part of my heritage, proud of what other people only vaguely connected with me achieved—proud almost as though I’m entitled to some of their glory; which obviously I’m not … no more than I’m entitled to any part, however minuscule, of their guilt or blame. This may help explain why many modern Germans refuse ‘ancestral blame’ for Adolf Hitler and some of his generation’s misdeeds. Rightly so?


do YOU accept “historical guilt” as applying to you?


I’d declare you to be an excellent hypnotic subject (in all probability one who votes in elections)(for someone, anyone; maybe even the perceived best* of a bad bunch … so long as you do your ‘duty’ and vote.) I don’t vote …

I would vote if I saw

(a) any point, and if

(b) there were someone actually worth voting for. Meantime,



—and if you do …

… what the hell are you doing reading me?



* It too often means the least bad … for myself, IF  I were ever to vote again it would only be for someone I actually wanted. Wanted, that is, on rational grounds—not the one who trumpeted the loudest and/or screeched the most (recycled) promises; or was the least bad of a disgusting two-faced mealy mouthed bunch of confidence tricksters.


with an up-to-date


giphyor printed whirly ball on a stick that we call a ‘globe’?

All it can give you is a brief glimpse of the current situations—physical and political—and they are transient anyway. (Any religion claiming that there is no permanence has it spot on, no?)

So in brief here’s a wee thought for you:

“It’s among more than a dozen other dated cave paintings on Sulawesi that now rival the earliest cave art in Spain and France, long believed to be the oldest on earth.

The findings made headlines around the world when Aubert and his colleagues announced them in late 2014, and the implications are revolutionary. They smash our most common ideas about the origins of art and force us to embrace a far richer picture of how and where our species first awoke.”

Read more: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/journey-oldest-cave-paintings-world-180957685/#cbw1TFgCELhuEmTJ.99

ARGUSAnd now let your mind drift back through the millennia, to a time when sea levels were some four hundred feet lower

… and ponder what we may be missing?* .

And for those of a religious bent—as in ‘Bible’ based—did God sneak down there (on his day off from creating the Creation six thousand years ago) and daub the walls with His very own technique of pre-aged daubing, to test our wavering faiths?


* Given that folks seem to prefer living on, around, or close by the coastlines—you know, fish, surfy beaches, nautical trade (and easier access to Viking diplomacy if so inclined).



Fly Pig, left bigI was brought up (it means raised) to respect and admire the female of our species—you know, all soft and fluffy with big batty eyelashes, swirly hair and flowing movements. Delicate, even … graceful … gentle … and almost the same as people.


under the never ceasing hammer blows of Women’s Lip movements. But one sin of which I have never been guilty is underestimating the ‘gentler gender’. Brrrr. Never have, never shall.


as a whole has done exactly that on and off down through the ages, and more the fool it. Us. Wotever …

… as one by one the skittles tumble, illusions shatter, and the ideas inculcated and nurtured for their own nefarious benefit by the ‘gentler sex’ over generations and millennia are invoked. ‘Twas ever thus—

Read more:  CLICK HERE

—go there if you wish. Or not, it’s still a dog’s world after all*.

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 18.10.05

* Some of it. (If ever it really was, that is …)