Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.48.46Eek!

But who in his (oops, gotta be PC here—) her right mind would murder the “lungs of the planet”? Virgin rainforest, jungle, zillions of trees all frantically gobbling CO2 and socking it away and thereby saving us from heat-death; and here we* are, wilfully destroying all of that? Trees that have been there forever, keeping us cool, now off to the arboreal abattoir?

Or have they were they are they …


much … recently a schoolboy somewhere (or other) playing with his google found to everyone’s great amazement a lost city under the forest over there. Wow. But wait, it gets better—a LIDAR survey found lots of ’em. Some quite big, and all the discoveries when added up tend to rock the ol’ boat of expert thinking a bit.

Perhaps them ancient pyramid things weren’t really built way out in the jungle after all; thereby confuting all the experts who were thinking exactly that and have been for generations. Wait—scientists wrong? Never …

It’s all too much for this old dog, so while I wander off to find some fleas to scratch take a look at this—

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 19.24.37.png

—which I pulled in this evening and snup from—

—this vid here. Less than four minutes (try it, as the actress said to the bishop, you’ll like it) in duration and well worth the expense.


It doesn’t even scratch the surface …

gast me flabbers!




* Speak for yourself, dammit. (I certainly never signed that page …)




an unjaundiced 




I visit lots of cranks (I heard that—who just muttered ‘other cranks‘?) in the course of my explorations. I look at lots of images, but this one I find disturbing and can’t fathom why. Read on …

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 13.03.21.png

It purports to show a monk-type guy in an ancient man-made cave (you know the ones: hewn from solid rock using copper tools etc etc). The guy is demonstrating how highly polished a surface the ancients managed to achieve a in their underground workings. But:

finger down

But there’s something about the image I find disturbing and I can’t fathom why.

I also had a look recently at Bright Insight’s (one of my most favourite cranks)(such unabashed enthusiasm!) u-toobe posts on Petra. Great imagery, and not once did I stop to wonder how those guys in olden times did all that …

Screen Shot 2018-06-24 at 13.12.48.png

—and if you visit BI’s webbie (the snap above is your link) you’ll see what I mean. (If his rapt enthusiasm gets to you, just turn the sound off—but frankly, I enjoy it.)

gast me flabbers!

OH … WOW!!!!




devil-29973__340I’m allowed to ask innocent questions. I’m also allowed (nay, expected) to visit other crank sites and gobble up their good stuffs with mad raptorous abandonment*.

So I wolf the u-tubes of folks like Jimmy (‘Bright Insight’) (loooove his enthusiasm); or of a someone who seems happy making a living by helping folks glut their desires for mystery—Brien Foerster’s offerings are worth the visit too. It’s an honest buck**.


I follow leads, asking questions from a great height (Google satellites—we mortals can’t get much higher from our armchairs). Like this—

Abu Gorab.png

—which to put into context you’d have to go to Brien’s UT post: CLICK HERE

I notice a lot of things but the most intriguing might also have the most mundane explanations: like what are those wee circles?

While poor ol’ Brien ponders his shattered pyramid being off true north by 23 degrees, I ponder the minors … here, have a nice shattered pyramid—

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 17.59.25.png

—possibly damaged beyond economical repair by some oaf stumbling about in the dark. Or perhaps God got grumpy ‘cos they didn’t slaughter Him enough lambs***.

I love cranks and admire anyone who turns an honest buck. People want weirdies, Brien serves ’em up—but genuine weirdies you can touch, kick, climb over and feel that you’ve got your money’s worth—

—not like those in church where the holey bikkie blatantly does NOT become human flesh, nor the wine turn into (retch) blood. Brrrrr, but it takes all sorts …

Eve & Lution

“He wot, you say? Loves animals? Oh … really?”




* No. Good spotting, but it’s not a typo … us birdbrains are right into our puns, no?

** Hence my intense dislike of the clergy (any clergy).

*** God looooooves little lambs, they’re so … … innocent. And delicious.



for it. Go there (web) and look for yourselves. Look, and you might see, or not.


have figured out by now (oh, wow~!) I’m a sort of a Conspiracy Theorist nut. So I shan’t go into detail, just re-iterate that there’s a lot more to ancient (Egypt especially, and others) monuments than meets the eye.

Here, have a nice pile of rocks—

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.37.27.png


favouritest is the GP of E. Anyone who’s looked at the GP as a topic has an opinion. I was taught at school (by professionals!) that the GP and siblings were tombs for the rich and powerful, etc etc, and I gobbled it all down with rapt abandonment.

Nowadays I compare what the acknowledged experts allege versus us cranks and nutters. Nutters hold more credibility although fewer credentials (go figure).


credentialed are the charming Dr Zahi Hawass (public relations expert par excellence, a born negotiator if ever there were one) and of course his sidekick the clever Dr Mark Lehner.

Lehner has to be clever, he’s a doctor, and when I poked very very briefly into his source discovered he was something to do with Edgar Cayce—

gast me flabbers!

oh … WOW!

—the so-called “sleeping prophet”. Any form of prophet raises my hackles, brrrr.

But ol’ Edgar was even better—with no medical training at all he could be confronted with a medical problem, put himself to sleep, and whilst asleep his Atlantean spirit guides would diagnose the problem and give him the cure which he would pass on to a grateful victim. Lehner was rapt with this guy? (Any reason why not? Hmm?)


and before I digress to infinitem I’ll give you this wee snippet of what our GP of E looks like inside—

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 11.37.54.png

—all four hundred and eighty feet high of it, all six decimal 3 (give or take a few dozen) million tons of stone blocks of it (some blocks seventy tons or more, somehow hosted waaaay up and immaculately emplaced) etc etc.

To cut to the chase here—

I don’t believe it.


Yep. I have no option but to believe in the GP of E, or course, it’s there and rather hard not to … but I don’t believe it was constructed by well-whipped slaves dragging rocks on sledges up earthen ram—

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

Oops …

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“That’s old hat belief, Sir! Modern thinking is that they were all volunteers; and any whipping would have been optional and only on request—”

(Bugger … all those years of compulsory schooling wasted …*)


“But the nice Mr Cayce was right into Atlanteans, Sir … so I suspect the nice Dr Lehner probably is too—which might add weight to the Conspiracy folks who believe that such believers are withholding vital information …”

“Enough, sweet child! My furry head is all a-spinning! Dammit, I trusted my teachers! They were clever, the cutting edge of tuition, thought, applied reason and philosophy—”

“So is Hawass, Sir …”

“And Lehner?”

“The Atlantean Prophet follower guy? Yes, Sir. Indeed …”

Actually although it’s been many years since I read books on Cayce I was just now intrigued enough to Google (noun become verb—that happens a lot lately) and came up with this—

—which may help explain some of Lehner’s deep involvement with his Sphinx. And to my mind, although Hawass is emphatic and passionate about the involvement in the creations of the Giza complex by Egyptians, I doubt very much that they would recognise him (and vice versa) as of the same breed.

Bugbear big

oooops … I could be wrong …

kismet 1 red

* Mine, not hers. ‘Twas ever thus …




my greatest fascinations. It sobers me up, it intoxicates me—in brief, it blows my furry little brain. Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.48.46

To contemplate time is to waste your life for no real answers.

Perhaps, maybe, Fitzgerald had it right all along in his varied interpretations of Khayyam’s ‘Rubaiyat’.

I may well get growled at for violating a

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 18.17.31.png

copyright, but it’s all with the very best of intentions—here above is a young lady of modern dimensions; and here below

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 18.17.29.png

… is a wee lassie who (even with the best of help from her numerous divinities) passed away several thousand years ago.

So? Ancient Egypt had attractive damsels too, so what? So let’s move deeper into the mire that is Time and see what happens when they meet—

Screen Shot 2018-05-27 at 18.17.34.png

—and ask ourselves, what is the lady on the left saying? What might she say? But certainly to those with eyes to hear and ears to see she speaks loud and clear.

(“Reading you strength five, Ma’am!”)       

Here’s where I met them. If you go there have a healthy slug of rum first, shoo the cats off the keyboard and send the missus out to make the coffee or something—


—and perhaps she just may speak to you, too

kismet 1 red



Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.48.46these apples, hey?

“The mystery of why Stonehenge was built on the unremarkable chalk plateau of Salisbury Plain may have finally been solved.

An expert claims two of Stonehenge’s largest stones had been in place at the site for millions of years before Neolithic people built the monument.

Their coincidental alignment with the sunrise and sunset on the longest and shortest days of the year prompted ancient people to construct Stonehenge around them.

Mike Pitts specialises in British pre-history and is one of a small number of scientists who have excavated on the site of the ancient monument…”

To read from source (NZH):  CLICK HERE (or go ask a druid)

I still say them ancients had a rock fetish. Rocks in their heads … rocked out … were

“Mr Argus—!”

(Oops … Little Virginia don’t lets me get away wiv nuffink. She’s no fun …)

And I must admit, that ‘their coincidental alignment’ bit really (as in really really REALLY) appeals to me: I can just imagine ol’ Ug, the hairy caveman, trotting along at dawn one day looking for a bunny for the brekky pot when he unexpectedly notices the alignments (by pure coincidence) … serendipity in extremis, I love it~!

Bugbear big

“Did too! Ya wanna make sumpfink of it?”

No …


Brrrrrr …




Dodo not another pathetic bleat—

“The discovery came as a shock to scientists at the time, according to Dr Torsten Neubert, ASIM’s lead scientist.”

Of course it came as a shock to the eggheads (I affectionately call ’em eggies). Think about it: who, whilst defending his turf, is going to give any form of credence to observations anecdotal made by unlettered laymen?

“That really surprised all of us. How come this exists and we didn’t know it? Airline pilots must have known about it – there are some anecdotal descriptions,” the Technical University of Denmark physicist said.

D’uhhhhh … yeah, sure … they must have …

I remember reading in the past some patronising debunkings of mistaken airline pilots (and other reportings by such and similar).

Face it: any reporting of any event of any nature by any one not accredited by the recognised experts in any field/s is all anecdote (hearsay, delusion, wishful thinking and/or fantasy).


But once the rabid experts have been backed into their corner by the facts there becomes a sudden invokement of yet another phenomenon: the total volte-face by said experts with the concomitant (and predictable) most vociferous hearty endorsing of the (previous) heresy.

And no … I’m not an indignant UFO nut.

I’m an indignant (insert field of own choice here*) nut.

A nut with a case of severe mistrust of expertal dogma. Dogmae. Dogmas …whatever; here, have a nice nut (if our resident expert can crack it for you)


*  So long as your choice is valid (as decided by me) (only me, now—I’m the expert in me, here)**.

** No-one else gets a look in, it’s a lifetime study and strictly monopolised.