dodoScreen Shot 2019-02-05 at 22.59.00   Yup.

I’m different. Boom boom!

At last, classified … pigeon holed …

But my sister (she’s a psychic medium—she must be spot on, them spirits don’t lie) told me so a few years ago, and would I believe her? Noooooo~!

NOW here we are:

Indigo children 2.png

And although I make no claims on ADHD (wotever that is) (it sounds medical, and therefore unpleasant) that circle on the left is MOI to the nth degree. I tick all the boxes. (Although I’m not too sure about the eyes …)


Indigo Children’.

It sounds like one of them modern fad things (but we Leos are gullible that way so I’m excused). Here’s an image, make of it wot the author intends …

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 13.10.04.png

Definitely not too sure about the eyes—what do you think?down there


If I really can be bothered on a day like this …

 dodo                                                                                         dodo dodo

* Failing that, I could be simply bonkers …


Ye UTTER gods~!


Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 22.59.00.png(trolling? I heard that … c’mon, ‘fess up, who said it?)(Don’t make me come over there)—

blitzing the web, namely u-toobes, cheerily galloping into no-minds-land I happened across a form of masochism I’d never heard of before.

First, here’s your link—

—and I may now be added to anyone’s list of gob-smackees.


tried a few way-out and wacky processes/techniques in my time, some of which really do seem effective—but some ring my WTF bell loud and clear, as does the earnest wee lassie in the above vid.

She/it left me with a conclusion: namely that I’d only ever try it myself at the very witching time of night when churchyards yawn … which salubrious surroundings, I think, would be of more beneficence to the human organism than wot the young lady above is so earnestly gushing to sell us.


—but I dare say that she is part of yet another fad  movement which will (in years to come) flood the hospitals (and make some long-sighted investors a few bucks selling white sticks and cute little labrador puppies).


let us not lose sight (~!) of the fact that ol’ Sol is still a very beneficial organism waaaay up there in space who has had a bad press lately. So get thy butt outside and cop thee a skinful of his generosity (without looking upon his face) but don’t overdo it—sunlight is like a good red, a little does you good but overindulgence can leave you with red regrets.

Be warned …

Screen Shot 2019-02-05 at 22.53.02.png


doth not a winter make …

But a snowflake can make the easily led dip into their bag of wotiffs—


for size— down there

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 17.56.46.png

—if you like Ozzies it may ring your bell, especially if you’ve read the famous UK nut Gavin Menzies and held some of his ludicrous claims in mind whilst watching a Plummtree video set in New Zealand—now here’s the point: tie ’em both together.

Ye gods, it gets complicated being an old dog of eclectic interests. And don’t be offended if you’ve figured out that the above image is a bare butt

(quite rightly so, it is)

—it’s Buddha’s very own personal butt.  So it’s holy, and thus inoffensive. “Holy things,” we are told darkly, “cannot be offensive; and in fact must always be treated with the greatest respect~!”

… … moving on: If you want to go to the source of the image and the tales that go with it


to be enthralled.

Or not be enthralled.

I rarely hold anyone in thrall these days but the Plummtree video does—possibly unwittingly, it ties in. I’ll leave it to you to do the sums.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 17.58.24.png

—And the video ties NZ to Menzies anyway, so what does that have to do with a bare-bummed wee Buddha? Ha! I’m just an old mutt with nothing better to do …





active serviceone of ’em. (I have lots ‘cos I blitz lots.)

Have thee a wee read of this snippet— your comprehension test question will follow:

“here is an intriguing and strange place, which we really know very, very little about: we don’t really know what language was spoken there; we don’t know what religious ideas were practised there; we don’t really know what the people looked like who lived there. It just comes down to us out of the blue without its past properly written.”


Q.1  down there

(actually the only question, so stand or fall on your sole answer—and be aware that there are no grades, no pass marks, and absolutely no reason for going through with it anyway.)

Oops, your question—

Q.1  Why did ol’ Argus highlight that clause in red?

And to give you a further clue it refers to an interview between a successful author and the Horizon (BBC TV) team.

Any successful attempts will be rewarded in the ‘Comments’ section of this post.

Actually, any attempts at all will be surprising …

… now give it your best shot!



SIMPLY.  PC, not

The cranks at whose feet I sit with rapt attention often quote much the same unbelievable stuff. But then again, the Establishment does (and always did) likewise. So it all boils down to judgement on the part of the beholder: Who presents the more convincing case, hmm?


by history itself with a whole bunch of enigmatic enigmas. Enigmae. Puzzles … for which there are absolutely no shortage of expert explanations—ranging from the almost possible to the totally absurd; acceptance or rejection often boils down to prestige versus the WTF reflex.


we are told that the trinket in the below photo dates back to the time when the ancient Egyptians had no better stone-working tools than copper chisels, wet string, sand, balls made of very hard rock (diorite) and probably a few bronze saws. (The balls were used to make statues and things, and a damn’ fine job they made of it too)(we are told).


how likely, really, even given the wealth and total power of the Living God that was Pharaoh … is it that a herd of mallet-men wielding their balls and rubbing with sand could come up with (say) … this:down there

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 23.26.27.png


It’s quite big, too. I understand that what we are looking at there was rejected by QA but I could be wrong. Without looking it up I do believe it was made from a quite hard stone—but even if it were made of wet clay and allowed to dry it would still be a bit impressive.


copper and/or bronze saws and stuff have a ‘major’ working with hard stone—could YOU create something like it using a diorite ball, fist sized or just a little bigger?

Oh … really? Hold me tight … I damned well couldn’t.

But wait—it gets better. Tomorrow I hope to post some real ‘things to think about’ but right now I need some sleep. I’ll close with an image of the archaeologist’s standard explanation for how that ancients made such things—

chimp rocks

—and leave it to you to decide if you’ll run with their ball. (Or break out—think for yourself.)

Good night~!











devil-29973__340I’m allowed to ask innocent questions. I’m also allowed (nay, expected) to visit other crank sites and gobble up their good stuffs with mad raptorous abandonment*.

So I wolf the u-tubes of folks like Jimmy (‘Bright Insight’) (loooove his enthusiasm); or of a someone who seems happy making a living by helping folks glut their desires for mystery—Brien Foerster’s offerings are worth the visit too. It’s an honest buck**.


I follow leads, asking questions from a great height (Google satellites—we mortals can’t get much higher from our armchairs). Like this—

Abu Gorab.png

—which to put into context you’d have to go to Brien’s UT post: CLICK HERE

I notice a lot of things but the most intriguing might also have the most mundane explanations: like what are those wee circles?

While poor ol’ Brien ponders his shattered pyramid being off true north by 23 degrees, I ponder the minors … here, have a nice shattered pyramid—

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 17.59.25.png

—possibly damaged beyond economical repair by some oaf stumbling about in the dark. Or perhaps God got grumpy ‘cos they didn’t slaughter Him enough lambs***.

I love cranks and admire anyone who turns an honest buck. People want weirdies, Brien serves ’em up—but genuine weirdies you can touch, kick, climb over and feel that you’ve got your money’s worth—

—not like those in church where the holey bikkie blatantly does NOT become human flesh, nor the wine turn into (retch) blood. Brrrrr, but it takes all sorts …

Eve & Lution

“He wot, you say? Loves animals? Oh … really?”




* No. Good spotting, but it’s not a typo … us birdbrains are right into our puns, no?

** Hence my intense dislike of the clergy (any clergy).

*** God looooooves little lambs, they’re so … … innocent. And delicious.



Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.48.46.png


I keep looking at crank sites and pondering the good old ‘wotif’.


assure us that you cannot carve granite with copper chisels.

You might, they say,  make a dent (i.e. slightly scar an otherwise immaculate finish). Demonstrations of attempts to saw through granite (and/or limestone) with copper or bronze saws (even lubricated with wet sand) are miserable failures.


Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.27.49.png

So if you’re asking wot the above is, it’s part of this,  finger-pointing-down

ostensibly an ancient artefact from olde Egypt.

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 10.27.36.png

There’s things about it I’d love to know

Okay then, all ye Egyptologists and knowledgeable experts on ancient stuff—is it a hoax, or modern?

GIVEN the tool-ware you offer … how could they make such a beast?

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 18.44.10.png

Moving on—


a bit differentish—


—this is the first image of this ilk I’ve ever seen where the dude in the waggon isn’t about to take his own head off. Boom boom! Not only that, he holds the bow with his right hand as was ever natural for me as a kid.


I’d love to know how they actually did make those pyramid things (not how modern experts definitively state they think they might perhaps have). And in similar vein: I really, really, really don’t want to hear about ‘space aliens’ or Annie Nookies.


into it the topic of ancient artefacts the worse my afflictions become. If I were an American I guess I’d be from Missouri.

I just do NOT believe that those many millions of tons of granite and limestone were shaped by men with balls of rock* or copper chisels.

“After you’ve eliminated the dross,” we’re told, “whatever’s left must be the truth.” Brrrrr. If we eliminate hundreds of thousands of well-whipped slaves with rollers and copper chisels, and impossible saws, and space aliens … what’s left?

Screen Shot 2018-03-01 at 23.03.52.png

This wee garden gnome (above) was cut from the living rock for a purpose—but never properly finished. How were they going to move it? How DID they move the 400 ton and 800 ton blocks from here to (say) the Temple of Jupiter?

Too heavy to lift, the blocks would then have been dragged from the quarry, probably using a capstan, a kind of human-driven winch—though the possibility of a sledge is also under discussion …


Yeah, right.

(Now show me …)


* The infamous ‘dolorite hammers’