Bopon another’s blog touched upon the rather touchy untouchable we all know/admire as Political Correctness. Call it PC — and whether good or bad I don’t give a BRA (don’t twitch—no reference to feminine underwear: Big Rat’s Arse) (ass to you Americans).


So if you think it—say it!

Get off your butt, state it out loud. In words you actually use. Go on … you know you want to …


and are wrong some indignant sheeple will rush to correct you. Ya gotta comply. But any twat shrieking “PC” and calling for his/her/its Mommy*

“Mr Argus! Sir!”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Sir— mommy and daddy are sexist terms—”


“—you must adapt to the times! You aren’t allowed genderical language these days … you mean only ‘Parent’ or ‘Parent’!”

I stand corrected and am shutting down this post write now. I really really don’t want to offend no-one: from my blog no brain-dead gutless easily convinced mindless soggy-trousered un-opinionated panty-waisted dormant oaf need ever depart offended.


Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 08.26.37


Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 08.16.01

 * If anyone can tell the difference in that household …




2015.pngof good ol’ pro bono publico Political Correctness?

I DO~!

But I’m just a jaded and tired old dog. And as always the world belongs to the young—how can I complain? The world was mine too, once, when seas were blue and albatri hung smiling in the air just out of reach.


to be protective of the young. But to sublimate all else to pandering to whims they don’t even know themselves that they have?

Just a year or three back in Queens Park in Invercargill was a beautiful avenue overhung with mature European trees. The trees themselves were part of a mini-environment established by the love of decades; bluebells abounded in springtime along with the daffodils and others such.

And then—

—and then some PC idiot (determined to score points with his/her/its peers) voted to savage the trees and ‘improve the park for all’ by using the savaged trunks as structures for the children to play on … and it happened.

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 14.31.57.png

RIP:  2015

I have no idea if the ‘lovely works of practical art’ created from the corpses of murdered trees were paid for, and if so by whom*, but someone’s career was enhanced thereby. Points were scored.

Every care was taken, we were told. Every angle checked and the artworks are entirely safe in all respects. So when I trotted through the other day this is what I saw, egg upon the face of the grandstanding PC folks—

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 09.33.10.png

—if they but had the nous to realise—

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 09.33.41.png

—which mercifully for them: they don’t.

And so—


—the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnnnnn …. dodo



line-animated-birds-wire copy


* By the poor bloody taxpayers, of course. Sheesh!



Who the hell do these reactionary Russkies think they are?

Just look at this—

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 09.19.27.png

—burgled from CLICK HERE.

Honestly, I cast my hands up in despair! Has nobody told these reactionary dodos that the images aren’t of girls? Do the Russians not know that if anything these long-haired enthusiasts on their knees are “archaeological assistant people”?

‘Wimmin’ if really necessary, but why differentiate at all, does it actually matter? Are they any less (or more) expert for being condescendingly referred to as “girls”?

“Mr Argus!”

Oh no … it’s Little Ollivia. Bugger—

“Yes, Little Ollivia, my beloved wee inspiration?”

“Sir, if that isn’t outright sarcasm—”


“—and even if it is, people will still take you seriously—”

“More the victim them, then, Child—”

“—even if anyone with sense never does.”


Thank the gods that’s over. And now back to the cave with my tail between my legs, suitably chastised and resolving henceforth to pay due homage to The Politically Correct:




“Mr Argus … I heard that!”

Damn …




pc and is every bit—though few will agree with, or even recognise my point—as bad as what it purportedly opposes:

Nazi Grandma,’ 88, Convicted of Holocaust Denial in Germany


Why would a humanist like moi cast aspersions upon the brain dead morality-deprived wannabe dogooders ani* of Germany?


of insulting such few readers as I have—


—and if you can’t see any contradictions between ‘Free Speech’ and shutting people up for speaking …

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.54.25.png

Weeelll, I have this wonderful bridge for sale—only slightly used, in Sydney Harbour. Free for removal, in fact … just stick a few bucks in my Swiss accounts and it’s all yours.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Was that sarcasm, Sir?”

“Not this time Cutie. That was bitterness. But don’t fret—just study form, then off you go and vote.”

“… for Freedom, Truth, Justice and Free Speech, Sir?”

“You got it, Kid …”



finger-pointing-down-animation-gif copy

* It’s the plural of ‘anus’. (For you Americans it translates as ‘assholes’…)