“Christian theology involves catching glimpses of who God is and attempting to explain this God, who ultimately, is beyond our comprehension. This activity of “doing theology” involves prayer, worship, and a willingness to hear truths that are anything but sterile.”

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One is tempted to ponder the pointlessness of attempting to explain a God who is beyond comprehension—perhaps someone more au fait than moi might like to take this particular ball and run with it?*

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* Awww, go on! (You know you want to …)


that the Otago Daily Times (kiwi news outlet) is more ‘Christian’ than impartial. (And even worse, dedicated to the cause of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ … as seen from the wannabe Controller’s point of view.)

Your quote:

“The God of the Bible is anything but domesticated. In the pages of these Judeo-Christian Scriptures, we learn that God is not like us. Our Creator is not made in our image, though we are made in God’s.”

Is somewhat dubious to say the least.

If we are allowed to query (which we’re not) we might just ask:

How the Hell would anyone know that we are made to look like God? And, if you made it this far, if you’re still a Christian—

if indeed we are mini (powerless too, don’t forget) replicas of God, then what the hell does God need a ‘toggle-and-two’ for?

Is there in fact a

Mrs God?


AND that helps explain how the virgin Mary conceived; ol’ God disguised Himself as a mini bunch of mendicant merchants and took advantage of an innocent unsullied* virgin* bride* whilst sheltering for the night … to make a temporary home for the seed He created fourteen billion years previously (so that the evolved monkeys would have something else to fight over). Possibly that also explains Him being nailed to a cross later; his wife (who would also be Him, no?) intervened to make sure He learned a lesson and wouldn’t do it again (vindictive bitch) …


Abrahamic scriptures? Who the hell needs electronic puzzles or hallucinogens, hey?



(Oops …)

“Yes, Mr Satan, Sir?”

“You called, Dog?”

Brrrrrr …

dodo me

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* Still? (That’s the trouble with living so far inland … no damned oysters handy.)


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If you haven’t been there, and/or followed the links then obviously God’s love and Christian compassion & mercy are not really for you—

Christ’s witness, an account:   CLICKETH HERE

Go forth, and bask in the warmth of real Christian life. I shan’t mention it again—there are too many damned atheists (and other sarcastic cynics) around.

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 17.26.26“Hey, Mr Argus! Prey for us, we’re off to Gloriavale, the kiwi Promised Land!”



Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 12.35.49.png—was actually the name adopted by a hopeful crank from the New Zealand religious colony known as “Gloriavale”. (For anyone interested Gloriavale has a colourful history and is now the semi-isolated home of some 600 hopeful Christians.)

Why should a devout and devoted leader, so self assured and dogmatic, so brusque (actually, downright ill-mannered & rude), and apparently completely confident … name change his name from ‘Neville’ to ‘Hopeful’? And why be so dismissive of journalists, even downright oafish on occasion?

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 10.51.22.png

Does his use of the word “Hopeful” denote a lack of confidence—or even worse, a blatant attempt at a seeming ‘modesty’?

If it were me (thank God it’s not~!) I would be ‘Proud!’ Christian, but if pride is still a sin then what could possibly be better than Christian Christian? (So good they named him twice …)

Anyway, all is academic now. He’s up there with his Jesus and all is well. For him.

Down here some six hundred souls still bear his cross.


“Wrong, Dog!   He ain’t ‘up there’ …”

dodo me


    Moi.pngI DO,

not a great deal about bugs and such, but being infinitely well informed where Mr God is concerned:

eyeface, fingrt down copy

“We’ve installed clean air EXP. We have a local Arizona company – it was technology developed by some members of our church, and we’ve installed these units, and it kills 99.9 per cent of COVID within 10 minutes,” Zastrow said.

sourced:  CLICK HERE

I must ask: shouldn’t these nice folks be praying, and thus getting God to clobber all their bugs; so freeing funds for feeding the poor and hungry in their church (clothing the naked too) and other Good Works?

3 gerbils3 gerbils

“Mr God, Sir?”


“Yes, Argus?”

“Sir … how long would it take for that zero-decimal-one per cent of surviving COVID bugs to become millions of billions of squillions?”

“… … … not long, Dog. But at least in My House the worshippers will now be reasonably safe—until they go back outside.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-17 at 09.51.18


I’ve posted imagery often enough, and my views on the resurrection of the vexing question of Big J’s ethnicity and/or appearance … Screen Shot 2020-07-01 at 22.11.56.pngNow without wishing to unintentionally offend anyone I just don’t see how it matters a damn what He looked/looks like. Really. Perhaps He actually fulfils the ideal of “all things to all men pers” and whoever looks at Him sees what they think He looks like.

Or not.

What do YOU think?

A toughie … YOU take it, Devotee … and please put me right.


“I’d like to know too, Dog … no mirrors here.”


Madeleine-One-Year-OnTHE STOMACH

quite like this stuff.

It’s all good clean fun to some and a frightening insight (into the time-warps of today’s medieval minds) for others. Look at these images and set them into your own perspective as best you can. If not sickened, you do NOT belong on this blogsite, so get thee hence and go in peace with your God. Gods … wotevers.

arrow down red smartish copy

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 19.52.46

But wait, it gets better:

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 20.08.24

(Dunno about you, but I just love Expert Opinion …)

Screen Shot 2020-06-13 at 20.03.01


of images but sufficient unto the day is the nausea hereof. So before I leave I ask you to meditate on the image of the little girl above … her name was Madeleine (which without looking it up I believe to be a variant on the name of either Jesus’s Mum and/or His mistress) (even of His wife, if the wedding at Cana is best explained as His).

If you’d like to go deeper into the literature of The all-loving omnipotent omnipresent omniscient God, just try this one on for size:

—and may God have mercy on your soul. Being omniscient He already knows (and has known since before The Creation) whether you will go there or not, and what your reaction was if you do* .


Suffer, little children, to come unto me (she did, too!)

dodo me dodo medodo medodo medodo medodo me            dodo me

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* Did you notice the gentle change of tense, there? God is reading over my shoulder before I type; and to such a Being there is either no time at all or merely an Eternal Now. Boring, I know, but there you are. The Lord has no past, no present, no future; his omnipresent omniscience must ruin a lot of birthdays and Christmases for Him (oops).



as if we don’t have enough troubles. I posted this on Ark’s blog and being a sucker for punishment am inviting rebuttal—

All this endless debate about it and about … who the Hell cares? So long as we are all free to read whatever we like, say whatever we like, and act within a genuinely ‘human’ moral code? (Which means, Christians, no more burning folks at the stake. It means, Islamists, leave little girls along until at least puberty or big enough to take your weight. And please, stop cutting people’s heads off.)
It means, Others, go right ahead in Freedom but do NOT restrict my freedoms in any way, or those of any other innocent.

So if as a religionist (which religion? There’s hundreds of them!) you want to spread your own ‘good word’ you are free to do so and I am as free to shoot down your unprovable (mostly indemonstrable) claims. No?

—which I fear may be a loooong time coming. So, all you religionists and other debatably ‘nice’ people … this isn’t so much an invitation as a challenge. Feel free …

BT & ball grin



Ram leftlest I become too boring:




alone are quite enough to lay the blame for any ‘sin’ squarely around God’s own furry little neck. In brief (and it IS unarguable, though I’d like to see anyone try): God, when He created one Adolf Hitler Esq, did so in FULL knowledge of what the said Hitler was about to do:  Hitler had no choice—God’s omniscience ensured that*.

ye Gods

“Good one, Dog! I knew you’d say that.”



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* God’s so called ‘omniscience’ and our own ‘free will’ … are, in fact, a blatant Contradiction in terms.  It can be one or the other … but not both, an impossibility.