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to boggle a bit.

And now I find myself wondering

  • did they get anything for the peel, and
  • could he have named his own price—
  • —for the consequent (gulp~!) … poop?*



* Especially if he taped it to the wall …


dodoSome ‘Picfair‘ images this morning

I was struck by two thoughts:

(a) ‘photographs’ these days aren’t so much photographic images as works of art wherein the actual camera-capture serves merely as a foundation;


(b) every church, mosque, temple, cathedral or other shack of worship is a monument for ‘Man’s Inhumanity to Man’ (clichés, I love ’em).


snap of my own most sacred edifice—

Screen Shot 2019-11-02 at 07.47.26.png

—where, according to legend (and a definitive library book on coffee) the world’s first instant coffee was created.


Coffee is my God, that’s the relevance. Coffee is Real. I can produce you a coffee—there’s no way you can produce me a God. Every coffee house I pass is a temple, every barista a priest—and when I make it, coffee is to die from.

And my photographs aren’t fiddled beyond a wee cropping and sharpening and tiny tweak (sometimes) to the exposure. Now, for a coffee … and revisit Picfair.




into his artworks. Sometimes. Stuff he was clever enough not to mention out loud but left hidden in full view.


atheist I love having such pointed out to me, but always we are left with conjecture.

The below is from Leonardo’s ‘Last Supper’. Better minds than mine have asked if the effeminate dude on Big J’s right is actually his wife? And of course meanings are attributed to gestures and stuff like that. So, let’s get with it—

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.23.15.png

The Last Supper by Leo D V (most of it)

Now: is this she~?

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.17.08.png

Having the hard word put on her, no doubt—a lot of that goes on. 

Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.22.19.png

Here ol’ Judas (gripping the money bag) and Big Jeez are both reaching for a bun. Judas will scoop the pool—but don’t JC’s digits look awesomely ‘grasping’ there?


it gets better. If you look closely you’ll see a mysterious hand clutching a knife. The knife isn’t pointed at any bun … it’s aiming right for that guy’s heart. (And he doesn’t look happy…)Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.19.07.png

But who in that melange of assorted limbs and buns and gestures and stuff is wielding the knife, hmmmm?

Look closer—Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 16.24.40.png

—obviously it’s a right hand; but one that cannot possibly belong to the guy in the turquoisey suit who seems to be picking his own pocket. Cute.  Follow back to apparent source and it might almost appears to emanate from Mrs Jesus. (Long arms? foxy!)

Before I leave,

a big thank you

to GP for this clip (of the Pope confronting a flood of complaints about priests and boys?).





etc etc etc yada yada yada and so forth ad infinitem. Now impedimate your mind with this snippet—

 “… Of course,  considering its accuracy, age, and the fact that its artistic style was not consistent with what was known from the era it supposedly belongs to, it was thought that what has come to be known as the Nebra Sky Disk was nothing more than a hoax or forgery, and prehistory professor at the University of Bristol, Richard Harrison, would say of it:

When I first heard about the Nebra Disc I thought it was a joke, indeed I thought it was a forgery. Because it’s such an extraordinary piece that it wouldn’t surprise any of us that a clever forger had cooked this up in a backroom and sold it for a lot of money …”

—referring to this beast   down finger


—which I just snup from CLICK HERE (being a link supplied by one of my very most favourite cranks, a guy called Graham Hancock (who does tend to get around a bit, look, see for himself and burble about what he’s seen as if his conclusions actually make any sense).

Which they do …




devil-2 BOPCollectivism is one of

the Deadliest Sins.

I define a ‘sin’ as ‘an act against humanity’ — whilst not bothering to define the word humanity. (Try that and we go on forever, losing ourselves in obfuscations.)

We can leave the biggest sinners of all—the simpering blood-soaked religious—to flabble about with their own definitions, most often involving offending a mythical deity of some bloody ilk*.



  • survival
  • growth
  • power
  • absolute control

—seems eventually to use a myth of some kind or another as justification for offences against basic human decencies. The more ancient, the better. No?


that folks want power, wealth, sex, control, and free time … a religion can be the ideal means. Control a per’s soul and you control the physical body—the per** becomes your slave. (You get quite rich—the Pope’s officers have been doing it for centuries, the mad mullahs of Islam likewise, the Nazis did it and so too Lenin’s cultural offspring … and endless others.)


The good ol’ Nazis are the prime example of making a religion out of inhumanity.

Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is hostility to, prejudice, or discrimination against Jews.[1][2][3] A person who holds such positions is called an antisemite. Antisemitism is generally considered to be a form of racism.[4][5] It has also been characterized as a political ideology which serves as an organizing principle and unites disparate groups which are opposed to liberalism.[6]

—Quote above is from Wikipedia

I am not an anti-semitic. I don’t limit myself:

I am anti-religion.

Organised religion, that is … but so long as a belief uses no form of force in its propagations I can tolerate it—fouling the defenceless minds of the innocent young, to me, is force …


“Argie! Don’t knock it—my biggest source of recruitments!”



* Which deity being in absentia means that we are in fact offending merely His/Her ‘representatives on Earth’. (Such offending in too many places can get you your lolly lopped, or worse. Much worse …)

** ‘Per’ … a new-speak word embracing all possible human sexes/genders and interpretations. (A ‘newspeak’ term as an all-embracing politically acceptable Gender Neutral, flowing naturally on from common usage of the word ‘person’.)



Yea? Or


down eyeface A brieffie—

Here be two snaps. Study them carefully, there’ll be a quiz at the end. Good luck …


Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 13.10.41.png


Screen Shot 2019-07-06 at 13.14.13.png


The ‘old’ one is a shot of hands against a cave wall deep underground, some umpty-umpt thousands of years ago*.

The ‘New One’ is a shot of hands splopped on a wall above the ground just a year or three back. This modern one is your basic handprint—you know, the kids use their very own personal hand as a rubber-stamp to print their eternal mark on the wall.

The older one was done by spray-painting around a hand/s held against the wall … thirty, forty (?) thousands of years ago.

Doesn’t it seem odd that the older technique is arguably the more sophisticated~?

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 16.45.13

“Hey, you! — The cute doggy with all them teeth …”

“Yes, Mr Saint … er … guru, Sir?”

“Argus … here’s a free hand for you if you need one …”

“Bless you, Sir~!”

Screen Shot 2019-04-07 at 19.05.49



* In the region of forty thousand years back (give or take a few weeks …) AND yes, I did post on this once before—’cos I’m still fascinated (it don’t take much to gast my flabbers, dammit!)