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“… In order to deal with Islam intelligently, we must understand the doctrine. The common assumption is that Islam is a religion, but religion is only one part of its complete civilization which also contains a culture and its own laws.

Religion is about answers to what happens after death, but we only need to understand how Islam impacts non-Muslims in this life today, mainly through its Sharia law. I call the Islam that affects the non-Muslim (Kafir) – political. We see from Mohammed’s life that he started preaching a religion. He was largely unsuccessful so he emigrated to Medina where he became a politician and a jihadist and was a great success.

We can see this division in Sharia texts which concerns religion, business law, family law and criminal law. For example, jihad is both religious and political. The Sharia is “Allah’s” law and is superior to Kafir laws. Since the Sharia makes constant demands on the Muslim immigrants’ host country, it is important that our leaders understand what it is. The concept of Islamic politics allows our leaders to see the demands as just that—political demands that must be rejected when they contradict our laws…”

Okay, so I lied a wee bit. I did comment, but only by a little editing in the form of simple spacing. Sue me … quote above taken with thanks from:




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With all due apologies if any are due; and I most certainly do.

How else can we define the English word ‘epitome’?

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As in:

The epitome of—

  • scientific curiosity
  • good manners
  • professional courtesy
  • common decency
  • common sense
  • etiquette
  • courtesy
  • scientific detachment
  • objectivity
  • modesty

can of worms saying cartoon


wee fellow is desperately afraid. Of what I cannot possibly imagine—he is THE all-singing all-dancing vociferous all-time absolute dictato  expert in his field … but I’ve seen many other scared and desperately frightened men in my time.

Oh … did I mention that he has a stranglehold on access to some very interesting sites of interest—and until taken to task for his ignorance by Graham Hancock had absolutely no idea that a credible rival (Gobekli Tepe) to his feed-bowl even existed?


‘cos he’s the exemplar of what ‘new thinking’ has to contend with. It used to be said of science (I don’t know if it were ever true, though) that ‘anything will be considered until either proven true or defeated’ (my paraphrasing). Note my use of the past tense there, it’s fairly important …


when we were kids and defeat in argument was becoming obvious would put her hands over her ears and shriek “LA LA LA LA LA” until I gave up and wandered off to other fields. I think ol’ Zahi went to the same school …

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“Hey! Argus! I’m GOD, and I have this Oscar to prove it!”



“Don’t believe him, Argus! Anyway, he’s booked in with ME!”






Guardian. The subject of this quoted article made a terrible error of judgement and is paying the prescribed price for so doing—

Guardian at the gate.png

—his crime was doing what he did and getting caught.


here? The obvious answer is justice.

Moslem justice—in a Moslem nation this man made a terrible mistake.

In some parts of the world if you disagree with the Ruling Powers (and the laws they impose by force) it makes much better sense to remain silent.

Graveyards are full of heroes who died truly bitter deaths at the hands of organic robots who couldn’t give a damn so long as they received their wages, pleased their bosses, and stayed onside with compassionate Allah.


(but I haven’t updated) is that the miscreant received his first instalment of fifty lashes on a Friday, and was down for every Friday until the he’d paid off the price in full.


good luck~!.png

Twenty Fridays would be about five months. Do I feel for him, fifty lashes every Friday for five months—even though he knowingly brought it on himself?




are importing these mindless sadists into our countries in droves.

Hilaly 1.jpg

Even in New Zealand we have people—nice, merciful, compassionate normal Kiwi folks—petitioning our government to “increase our quota” of refugees.

If we go Islam, what then? Bear in mind that New Zealand is a democracy.

In a democracy the greater headcount sets the nation’s laws … brrrr.

Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind.

Rights activists say Saudi authorities are using Badawi’s case as a warning to others who think to criticise the kingdom’s powerful religious establishment from which the ruling family partly derives its authority.

London-based Amnesty International said he would receive 50 lashes once a week for 20 weeks. The US, a close ally of Saudi Arabia, has called on authorities to cancel the punishment.

I really would not like to see any Islamics imported into New Zealand, not under any pretext. Charity must begin at home …