vote is because all of the wannabes have none of my interests at heart. Face it, they only run for political office because they desperately want—

(a) to serve their fellow beings, or

(b) to bury their snouts in the trough, or

(c) to make life easier, or

(d) are certifiably insane.

—probably most of the above (less item a).


someone who thinks much the same as I—

 There’s more than one way to take over a country. A military attack is one thing. Equally as effective is to gradually acquire bases – as Communist China is doing  – of a country’s most productive farmland – to buy up it its strategic assets and important businesses –  to push to acquire as much political and economic power as possible. Parallel with this is infiltrating its cultural institutions to extend Chinese soft power, gradually accumulating more and more influence in our universities, our schools, running exchange programmes – all underpinned by the lure of generous funding …

Source:  CLICK HERE 

—and I especially like that bit about ‘soft power’ (the ‘generating Snowflakes in the Halls of Learning’ thing). My cynical old Dad used to state of academia “Up to their necks in learning yet devoid of knowledge”.


Shares my distrust of our systems but unlike me offers what appears to be a viable alternative.

Unfortunately such a system would be unworkable in NZ because no politicians here would ever voluntarily accept it (even though it seems to work well in Switzerland) …


It’s all academic for me anyway (I never reproduced)



OH …


This isn’t in accordance with Hollywood hype or Trump’s trumpetings—

The US Navy in the Pacific has a problem.

Not only has it lost two of its most advanced air defence destroyers to avoidable collisions at a time of intense regional tensions, there are reports its crews are on the brink of exhaustion – and revolt.

The Navy Times has revealed a catastrophic collapse of morale aboard the key guided missile cruiser USS Shiloh – one of only a handful of ships capable of engaging North Korea’s ballistic missiles.

“If we went to war I felt like we would have been killed easily and there are (people) on board who wanted it to happen so we could just get it over with,” one sailor wrote.

“It’s only a matter of time before something horrible happens,” another predicts in an anonymous survey of the Japan-based USS Shiloh’s mission preparedness.

But these are just a few words among a flurry of expressions of discontent:

“Our sailors do not trust the CO.”

The ship’s a “floating prison”.

“I just pray we never have to shoot down a missile from North Korea … because then our ineffectiveness will really show.”

Depression. Suicidal thoughts. Exhaustion. Despair.

The cause?

Micromanagement. Command dysfunction. Excessive punishments.

Some even say they had been confined to the ‘brig’ on bread and water rations for simple on-the-job mistakes.

The responses are being seen as a warning that the stressed US 7th Fleet may not be up to the task of deterring North Korea, China and Russia amid a multitude of regional stand-offs.

“Members, especially leaders, are so worn out, beat down, and overworked, that they are almost incapable of being effective,” one sailor wrote.

for source (NZH): CLICK HERE

—and doesn’t sound good at all. Is this a case of misleading disinformation, or is it for real? If true, then is it a case of ‘generation Snowflake meets Captain Bligh’ … or should the fleet be sorted out properly?

Given that one snowflake doth not a winter make I scanned a failing memory … and no, I’ve never been anything but favourably impressed with the US navy that I’ve met. So perhaps, as Hamlet mused “Something is rotten in the state of …”


This is pure surmisation here— the US forces would be better served to dig up and clone the late Captain McGonagle of the USS Liberty. (Make enough clones to serve the entire executive of the US Navy.)


has to be: Are we concerned here with one or two instances, or something widespread that even right now will be is the subject of frantic ‘ass covering’ activity?

I think the standard approach is to go aboard the ships concerned and over tea and bikkies ask the officers.

Or go to the bases and over tea and bikkies ask the officers.

Or go to any installation and over tea and bikkies ask the officers …


do the Americans still have a navy? (Got lots of ships, though—got some very impressive aircraft carriers and rail guns and magLevs and stuff.)

They do have a few fleets … but are they fleets of Liberties, or Bedfords?



If you haven’t seen it be warned, a wee bit dated now. But from the looks of things it could well be germane to the issue … (and is still a good dit*) .

“Americans,” my father used to say with sad affection, “are great people. But sadly they believe their own propaganda.”

Perhaps the NZH article is propaganda too. But it has the Ring Of Truth (ROT) that gives it credibility.

Perhaps the White House should take charge—you know, set up a few dozen unlimited Investigation Committees, dwell a decent pause and then sack a few thousand disgruntled gobs. Promote a few officers to flag rank, give the entire officer corps some medals—even strike new ones if needed—

—and get Hollywood to resurrect ‘The Sand Pebbles’ …



*  I got my copy via Amazon.


dodo.gifI’M CLEVER

a genuine genius (aw, shucks). But enough of this modest salesmanship and on with the brilliant idea. Tally ho …


we have things like Weekly Photo Challenge” and stuff. I love dabbling with the WPC, as do many others. So?


(and this is where pure genius*  kicks in) extend the idea to a




could come up with suggestions, make their point—and hope to have other interested parties dump all over it run with it (but said point may only be in accordance with The Challenge for that week). Or not.


help us all along a bit by establishing a datum for reference:



Anyone (with absolutely no reference to me) may raise their point and be prepared to defend it.


please keep it seemly. At least until after initial broadsides have been exchanged, and even then the first to use naughty words loses.


I’ll be even more impressed if** the suggestion be used to advance the perspectives of any (r) any school of thought. Just be aware that you (hopefully) may will get dumped all over.

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … haven’t you just reinvented the blog?”

“… … … bugger~!”


* SFX:  insert modest ‘Aw shucks’ here please (make it good)~!

** when …

BB in Brief

pcThe world was created by God over several days. Why He didn’t just magic it immediately into existence is one of those ineffable things gods are prone to, and who am I to question the Creator—not only of the universe, mind, but of Himself first?


quietly perusing some work of mundane literature when I was startled by the snippet below. Had to snap it, as God knew many years ago I would. (He knows all, I’m told—I guess you’d have to be quite clever to create Creations).

Anyway, here’s ya wee snippet—


—of which sadly I didn’t bother noting the source. It didn’t inspire me and was no revelation. (Google might help, or pray to God?)


it refers to the famous moment of ‘creation’ that science calls the Big Bang. All good clean fun, and for myself (just for me, mind, you can fit it into your cosmology as you see fit, or not, and I shan’t poke you with a stick) I find it equally as incredible as Big G’s wee effort of will.

Personally I find it difficult to squash a bag of feathers down beyond ‘just so far’, so for reducing an entire universe* down to a point so small it doesn’t exist: it would take a god to do that.

Perhaps the BB and the BG are two different names for the same thing event? Brrr.



*  All of them …




at the speed of light—

“This pretty much rules out the alien megastructure theory, as that could not explain the wavelength-dependent dimming,” lead author Huan Meng of the University of Arizona said in a statement. “We suspect, instead, there is a cloud of dust orbiting the star with a roughly 700-day orbital period.”

Your link: CLICK HERE

—this should wrap it up. And crank as I may seem, I do not (never have, Erich) gone along with the ‘space aliens’ notions.

Have fun, keep your powder dry and always remember that steam rollers do not roll steam—

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Sir — you’re still a product of your times, aren’t you?”

(Bugger …)




to try to answer the myriad unasked questions. Hell, it can’t even begin to answer the asked ones—


… Considering how remarkable it is, the Antikythera Mechanism has received comparatively scant attention from archaeologists or historians of science and technology, and is largely unappreciated in the wider world. A virtual reconstruction of the device, published by Mike Edmunds and his colleagues in this week’s Nature (see page 587), may help to change that. With the help of pioneering three-dimensional images of the fragments’ innards, the authors present something close to a complete picture of how the device worked, which in turn hints at who might have been responsible for building it.

… also interested in finding the answer to a more perplexing question — once the technology arose, where did it go to? …


lies in the mechanism being an elaborate hoax. This is the obvious answer, because anything else is conjecture and impossible anyway. No?


I like the idea someone threw up to the effect that it was one of the secret works of Leonardo, who was a Time Traveller … sure; and while we’re here he made the pyramids single handedly using machines of his own devising—which he subsequently sent by oopart rocketry to the far side of the moon because Mankind wasn’t ready for them*.

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 09.05.10

“Mr Argus! My ancestors could make these …”



3 gerbils

* Yet …





pc.pngthat I’m wasting too much time on the vexing issues of ‘religion’. Blogpal Ark has seen the writing on the wall and rightly given it away; for me too there is a simple home truth that has to be faced—

  • there is no point in debating (or worse, arguing) with a brick
  • because brick will win every time

and I guess Ark has finally twigged.

JZ seems to have left the topic alone for quite a while although he still makes acerbic comments on some of the more revolting blogs.


for that. I still have faith.

In intellect … but when religious maniacs get their hands back on the reins of power I fear for the people they exercise that power over. The precedents aren’t pretty.


in ‘live and let live’. But only so far. The ‘so far’ is defined by the effects on me and mine. Examples?

‘GOD’ (or messengers) may come to Earth in a simple robe and sandals to address flocks from a cave or beach—but once God has returned to Paradise the people He leaves in charge waste no time setting themselves up in palaces—with armies of extortionists and enforcers answerable only to ‘Holy’ Law.

God in charge isn’t a good idea. (Not unless you are one of His officers, in which case it’s a brilliant idea. For you …)


the scenario should be that you consume only what you produce, or by fair trade its equivalent. So everyone is a farmer, artisan, organiser, or otherwise productive. Except for the priest. He produces nothing. But he sells.

The product the priest sells is entirely psychological—it is neither tangible, visible, audible, verifiable, or existent. Yet it sells endlessly.

It is a unique branded ‘one off’ product available everywhere.

There is just one unique brand—but that brand appears all over the world under different names, different formats, different methods; selling different unique ‘divinities’. (Note my use of ‘unique’ there. For a purpose … for a sarcastic purpose, in fact: every religion is THE unique path to God. Brrr.)


of worship are collectively ‘religion’. Each ‘unique’ brand is a religion. Some religions have several or even many competing sub-brands within that brand (I call them franchises) (why?). Most of them semi different in aspects yet each is THE one-and-only-True-Path to God.

big J.png

And so the lion lay down surrounding the lamb—then along comes this noisy heathen bastard Argus … and what does a dog know, huh? You just listen to me but always beware of them Islamics, and them bloody Jews; all false … no true profits there, I tell you!