dodoyada yada yada

and it’s all getting a bit boring.


New Zealand Herald came up with this

A high-ranking former member of the North Korean Government says the harsh economic sanctions imposed on the country could be enough to wipe it out within 12 months.

Oh my goodness—

Ri Jong-ho, a former economic official appointed by Kim Jong-un’s father and predecessor Kim Jong-il, says the United Nations’ trade restrictions are so strong that it could cripple the isolated nation …

Yeah, sure.

I’ve lost track of how often in the last few decades sanctions have passed their ‘cripple by’ date and still the starving(?)  sanctionee isn’t crippled.

Not only not crippled—North Korea’s capabilities seem to be improving by giant leaps and bounds.

All propaganda, of course! Them Commie ratbags can no more afford nukes than I can (everyone knows that Communists can’t even feed themselves)(so there).

The answer?

Send a gunboat!


it gets better—

“Many people will die.”

—yeah. Sure they will—but not the ones some would like to die, such as these jolly smiling chaps with the overdose of cheery—

Jolly chappies.png

—who like all good politicians are very good at getting stand-ins to do their dying for them.


the “high ranking former etc etc” chap — did nobody tell him that blasted commies can’t even afford bootlaces, much less nukes and missiles?

So exactly who is propagandising whom, here?


What? We did send a gunboat? They did what? They laughed?



score five, and you’re an ace!


try this quote:

Official ACE literature says “students are taught to see life from God’s point of view.” Religious instruction is not a separate subject: “Biblical principles and concepts are interwoven into all aspects of the curriculum.” In English, for example, students are given examples of interrogative sentences: “Do you know Jesus as your personal Saviour? Can you ever praise Him enough?” and asked to underline the correct verb in a sentence like “Jesus (is, are) good.”


Guff like this makes my eyes water and teeth itch. So shall we look at some of the claims made here?

Taught “to see life from God’s point of view” … wow. Given that God is Omniscient (knows everything) and Omnipresent (the wee bugger is everywhere—present in every grain of sand, planet, star, dog poop etc, both out to beyond the farthest reaches of infinity and in every poisoned dinner ever served).

I don’t believe anyone can transmit such a viewpoint …


may wonder where I’m going with this? Let me set you at rest: no further.

I’m just restating that religious ‘schooling’ doesn’t teach one to think but to blindly accept:








I am either right or wrong—

  • If wrong, challenge me
  • If right—note that it’s YOUR income they’re after,

… what are you going to do about it?


(Sniff) … all these blasted religions have put me out of a job …

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 16.50.43.png



capture12-1Dumb question, no?

Then try this on for size—

“…Warnings that North Korea may soon encounter its worst food shortages in decades raise three interconnected questions for the rest of the world. The first is what those other nations can do to alleviate suffering in North Korea. The second addresses the strategic dimension of assistance, or the degree to which any aid affects, or more specifically undercuts, international efforts to force North Korea to honor its international obligations and quit threatening the peace in Northeast Asia. The third concerns the morality of linking the two — the humanitarian dimension and the security problem. In an authoritarian state like North Korea, is it right to make the public suffer for decisions for which it has no input and when its government seems indifferent to the hardships that it imposes on them and which it does not share?…”

—and tell me whether it is to be believed, disbelieved, and/or or if it is American (sourced) propaganda?


tell me what should be done.


explain why ‘we’ should be doing anything?


that if ‘we’ send any assistance—food, technical, educational or financial …

… it will be ungraciously impounded at the border by arrogant pugnacious thugs who will promptly exchange the labels “Supplied with lots of love and kisses by Uncle Sam” with labels reading “Supplied by your ever-loving Great Leader“. Been done before, I’ve been told (but I don’t believe it—nobody could be that monstrous)* .

The quote was sourced from Japan (CLICK HERE). The source discusses some of the options but overlooks the most important consideration of all—that sometimes folks will bite the hand that feeds them. Not good.

Meanwhile, an old maxim …


—old, but still a goodie.

And apparently those starving folks** can now toss a nuke from home turf right across the Pacific into mainland America. A truly interesting allocation of  ‘scarce’ resources …




*  Not bloody much …

** Guns, two. Butter, nil.        ….         (A ‘win’ by default?)





I posted my WPC entry in the wrong blog.

Not to worry, it gives me another crack at it later. In the meantime, a snippet for all you “Let’s redistribute the wealth”*  folks out there—

The repeated question … was whether kids in America were going to be able to obtain an equal educational experience.  But there was probably not a Senator in the room that is not or did not send his or her children to some private elite school.  The demand for equality breeds mediocrity.  It breeds indoctrination, not education.  It was Winston Churchill who said: “The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

to read from source: CLICK HERE (or not. It’s your call)


before you bite my head off—there’s what I personally regard as Capitalism and there’s the rather sick substitute that we have been deluded into believing is capitalism. And of course, there’s Socialism … but ol’ Churchill seems to have got it.


*The wealth”? Whose wealth? Yours too? (Actually, especially yours …)

Why not? There’s many millions of starving refugee types out there without a bean. So if ‘redistributing the wealth’ is a good idea, shouldn’t everyone’s (r) EVERYONE’s wealth be poured into a common fund and then redistributed equally amongst all the poor, the oppressed, the weary, the hungry, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, everywhere? (You included, don’t forget. By then you’ll have earned your place in the line—you’ll be well qualified** for a lovely free redistribution.) Go get ’em, Tiger!

** Boy, will you ever … boom boom!



I guarantee


pcsystems worldwide will become a booming business. Hopefully, there will soon be more people in prison than out. More in gaol/jail than not; more jailed than there are jailers.

And who, exactly, will support and pay for all these good things?

Why—you will, of course!

You, you wee public benefactor, yes, you. So here is my own public service Good Deed of the week; I’m advising all to (a) vote for more ‘free market’ prisons, and (b) to frantically gobble up the shares as soon as they hit.


my word just run your eyes over the below quote, and ponder the Law of Intended Consequences—


At the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland, Joseph Stiglitz the Nobel Prize-winning economist argued in favor of phasing out currency and moving toward a digital economy.

The view expressed by Stiglitz is similar to that of former IMF chief economist Kenneth Rogoff who has been arguing for many years that there is an urgent need to remove cash from the economy. It is held that cash provides support to the shadow economy and permits tax evasion. Some estimates suggest this could be up to $700 billion in the US.

The Governor of the Bank of England — Mark Carney — has expressed similar views in support of the removal of cash…

To read from source:  CLICK HERE 


Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 16.01.44.png

paper, with paperweights


“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Sir … don’t you mean ‘unintended’ consequences?”

“No, Ma’am. The guys manipulating the systems know exactly what the consequences will be—which is why they’re doing what they’re doing—the question some might ask is ‘why’ … but we never ask, do we?”


Any attempt to totally remove cash — i.e., money — implies the destruction of the medium of exchange and, ultimately, the market economy. The recent experiment in India to remove large denomination notes has caused serious havoc. Toward the end of last year Prime Minister Modi surprised his country by announcing the banning of 500 and 1,000 rupee notes, with some estimating that around 86 percent of all cash in circulation in India was no longer considered as legal tender.

Oh dear. But wait, it gets better—

Any policy directed at phasing out cash in order to stop the shadow economy has the effect of preventing individuals from employing their economy’s medium of exchange. This, however, is unlikely to succeed as individuals will always find various other goods or services to serve as money.

—and so we go back to Cans of Sardines. A question I must ask Little Virginia next time I see her is, who is wealthier—the starving guy with many meaningless trillions of dollars—


or the guy with something real to offer someone in exchange for something he wants; like perhaps the wealth below?

cool cash.png

I really should invest in auto-mart machines, dispensing this time cans of fishy cash rather than coffee or doughnuts. Bank ATMs would go out of business …


(the sardines thing) within living memory—and as Santayana said “Those turkeys who don’t learn the lessons of the past will keep repeating them until eventually they just might” (words to that effect, please forgive paraphrasing).





Hugo S Price.pngthat this Mexican billionaire businessman was invited to Russia to make a presentation on the proposed Russian ‘silver rouble’.

He did so.

I personally know nothing of finance, high finance, money, loot, or international financial shenanigans.


when something tweaks my WTF button.

Having been WTFd more than enough by the taurus excretae emanating from The Establishment I was delighted to come across Mr Price’s presentation to the Russians, and herewith be a chunk of it—

Since the Russian Silver Ruble coin would be the world’s best currency, its desirability would not be limited to the population of Russia. Russia’s neighbors would undoubtedly exhibit a desire to own Silver Ruble coins, especially taking into account the ECB’s lunatic policy of ceasing to print Euro 500 banknotes, the EU’s flirting with the idea of a totally cashless economy where all money would be nothing more than digits on bank computers – digits which have been threatened with “bail-ins” of customers’ accounts to help pay for banking bankruptcy – and finally, the EU’S shameful “demonization” of people’s use of banknotes to pay for any purchase over a small amount of cash, by grouping innocent people with tax-evaders and drug dealers.

Whether the Silver Ruble coin would travel in an orderly fashion, through established institutions, or simply filter through all official barriers and “black markets” to Europe, the Russian Silver Ruble coin would find its way, inevitably, into the hands of Europeans, who want to hold their savings in something better than the dollar and their own currencies.

—does that ring the ol’ bell, or what? For more: CLICK HERE 


but make of this what you will, or not—

—a few years ago when reading about transactions in what was effectively a money-free zone (Europe, immediately after WW2) entrepreneurs were greasing the wheels of commerce with substitute ‘cash’. In this instance the coinage du jour was cans of sardines.

fishy money.pngOne wheeler-dealer, just a wee bit peckish and the nearest McD’s being some years away in the future, cracked one of his cans of sardines and found it quite spoiled. Still hungry he burgled another … same result. Now miffed, he tried another and then went storming around to the trader who’d passed them off (to him) in good faith. The reply when challenged is illuminating—

“Hell, man~! Those ain’t eating sardines! They’re trading sardines! Sheesh …”


So … one word, to the wise, is sufficient. The rest of us just gobble the Soma we’re fed and the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnn … no? Okay then, mercy time, here’s a further clue:

q.  What is a dollar?

a.  A dollar is a hundred cents.

q.  What is a cent?

a.  A cent is one hundredth of a dollar …


Now we know.

“Mr Argus … Sir?”

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“… I know all that, Sir … but what is it worth?”

“I think the paper and ink combined come out as a couple of cents, Kid. Possibly not even that in scrap value—I’m told they burn ’em when getting rid of the old ones—”


“Otherwise they tell you what they’re ‘worth’, or not, as suits them.”




and YOU, poor innocent dupe … will be paying for it—Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 08.35.46.png

The creation of the Silver Ruble coin would mark an important precedent, because at present, no government in the world issues currency: all governments have abdicated from that right, in favor of their respective Central Banks, each of which belongs to the world-embracing syndicate of Central Banks headed by the Federal Reserve of the USA.

The present worldwide system of Central Banking has exhausted its possibilities, as is evident in the fact that 17 countries in the world are now suffering “negative interest rates”, that is to say, interest rates below zero for large depositors in banks, which amount to a punishment on savers. The “negative interest rate policy” is a logical aberration and serves to demonstrate the intellectual bankruptcy of the world’s Central Banking System.

to read more: CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 08.35.20.png—when the ship hits the rocks.

Full ahead all engines!

(There, that’ll save us …)

It does me no favours to know (when I’m laughed at for suggesting that we need a real Means Of Exchange rather than the ‘monopoly’* money we are using) that I’m right and all the legions of experts are so very wrong. They call it ‘fiat’ currency. I call it faith currency, and what do we do when we run out? Not of currency**  but of faith? Ouch.

The writer quoted above also adds this bit:

The rising price of silver would translate to a rising monetary quote for the Silver Ruble, making it ideal as an instrument for the modest amounts of savings that even the poorest Russian would like to have: the rising monetary value of the Silver Ruble would protect savings from inflation, while being totally liquid at any moment.
The Silver Ruble coin’s monetary value, given by a quote on the part of the Treasury, should increase with increases in the value of the silver content, but remain unchanged with falls in the value of the silver content. History provides abundant proof that nations that have used silver money, have always disregarded falls in the value of the silver in their silver money.

Make of it what you will. Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 08.39.11.png

Now—what changed these rocks into ‘money’? —>

Scarcity? Hardly…rocks are all over the place, you even find them in the Sahara or Antarctica.

Human input with chisels?


And these are just small change …

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 08.41.03.png


You just try creating these out of thin air …


Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 16.03.01.png*’Monopoly’ … don’t you remember that game, and how much fun it was to bowl people out with your costly hotels?

** Currency—never a problem. ‘They’ can (and do) print as much as they want. Just look at the way (I love mentioning ol’ Robert, he’s my hero) Mugabe made everyone in his nation a millionaire. Billionaire. Trillionaire. Wouldn’t YOU like to be a zillionaire too? (Don’t fret, it will come. You’re gonna be rich!)