remember that you can’t trust any bast (oops) bugger.


paranoia talking, or am I in fact an unsung prophet~? (Put me down for prophet, please—the successful ones make great profits).



The Melbourne school boy who consumed Greentime Natural Coconut Drink in December 2013 experienced a fatal anaphylactic reaction after it was revealed the imported product from Taiwan contained undeclared milk content, reported the Sydney Morning Herald.  

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coco 1.pngI was minding my own business swearing quietly at the computer when The Spouse came galloping in with an article in one of her magazines; which prompted me to a quick Googleising; after which I felt inspired to spread the Good Word.*

Apparently it is a widespread (means common) practise to dolly up the pure coconut juice with cow juice.

I didn’t know that, although The Spouse refuses to drink any ‘pure’ juice that comes from a can or bottle or packet—she has a few problems of her own and has had reactions from such. Original container or nothing.

coco 2.png


* Namely that you can only trust yourself (and some selected others, of course—their adoption tried, grappled to your soul with hoops of steel etc etc)




after this—

Scientists point out, however, that 60% of modern-day people still lack the enzyme for breaking down lactose and just don’t know it, meaning that they experience a wide range of digestive and allergy problems which they have never had attributed to their milk-drinking.

Another argument that has been recently been debunked is that drinking cow’s milk increases bone strength and prevent osteoporosis. In fact, the skeletons of our Palaeolithic ancestors, who did not drink milk, reflect great strength and muscularity and a total absence of advanced osteoporosis, possibly due to the fact that research has shown we can get as much calcium as we need from grains and vegetables alone.


—whatever you will. I tripped over this topic en passant but feel that it should be shared; milk-intolerance is quite widespread (Spouse has it) but few sufferers actually know that they have it.


Dammit! I still love lattes!


In New Zealand it gets better.

Much better—

Instead, people who are lactose intolerant can’t digest the main sugar —lactose— found in milk. In normal humans, the enzyme that does so —lactase— stops being produced when the person is between two and five years old. The undigested sugars end up in the colon, where they begin to ferment, producing gas that can cause cramping, bloating, nausea, flatulence and diarrhea …

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—because we have ‘free’ milk delivered to schools for the kids to guzzle. (I have no idea if such enguzzlements are compulsory these days—they were decades ago and if a kid didn’t have a note from his parents explaining, and he refused, he got the strap. Not good, but all that lovely milk/strapping made for the world’s best rugby players, no?)

Given that nothing is ever actually ‘free’ I wonder whether this is really an act of kindness by the benign government & charitable donation by the milk-factory people … or simply an acceptable way of disposing of excesses without fouling the waterways?

‘‘New Zealand is the largest exporter of dairy products in the world but at home we’re not drinking as much milk as we used to. We want to be the dairy nutrition capital of the world and this starts with our kids.”

to read more of the ‘for’ :  CLICK HERE

to read of the ‘against’   :  CLICK HERE

And be advised that I’ve only ‘blitzed’ these articles—I just haven’t the time to investigate in any depth.



EVEN MORE devil-1

But first, a word from our sponsor (me):


  • when to even look at an egg would blow your heart apart? I do.
  • when to even think of using butter would palpitate you into the next world? I do.

In New Zealand it is still impossible (almost—you  have to really do the research and go the distance) to find (yes, find, much less actually buy) lard.

So, given the trends this snippet below makes interesting reading for anyone who can do big sums like “One plus one plus one equals?) (Bugger … put down the one and carry one one …)


stuck? Okaaaaay … you may use a calculator if you wish.  But there’s still hope, if you can fog a mirror—

Employers could impose hefty penalties on employees who decline to participate in genetic testing as part of workplace wellness programmes if a bill approved by a House committee this week becomes law in the United States.

Employers, in general, don’t have that power under existing federal laws that protect genetic privacy and nondiscrimination. But a bill passed Wednesday by a House committee would allow employers to get around that if the information is collected as part of workplace wellness programs.

Workplace wellness programs — which offer workers a variety of carrots and sticks to monitor and improve their health, such as lowering cholesterol — have become increasingly popular among companies …

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I remember reading recently that cholesterol these days is far from being a demon, it’s (apparently) now a Vital. Oops? Someone is out of touch?

a government official. Anywhere, anytime …


* What’s In It For Me?




Whose gains? Don’t ask.pc

Whose health? Twofold answer: yours, and their bank balance.


knowingly had the one flu jab in my life. That was at a time when despite all reservations I simply could not afford to take even one day off. Reluctantly I got The Shot …

shot shooter.png

… and of course went down with the worst blasted flu I’d ever had. (I do very little by halves, when I get a bug I get a bug. I got bugged. It was days before I surfaced again and ages before I was fit to face the world.)


Let’s talk about you.

Why not you visit these two links—




—then ponder the ancient question so very old (and rarely asked by anybody who should be asking) (that’s you, Bub) there’s even Latin for it:







pca little. Now and then.


for being so Politically inCorrect for many years. All those formative years, now not only wasted but very much in need of unsuppliable correction (for others, that is).

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 23.55.01.pngDO YOU REMEMBER

that famous official ‘Food Pyramid’? You know, the one that had those disgusting natural fats and proteins at the very top, and all the lovely-healthy-wonderful breads and doughnuts and buns and grains and things along the bottom; with the injunction to wolf as much as you can wish from the bottom but stay well away from the top? You weren’t allowed butter but could gobble all the healthy margarine and other recommended artificial substitute ‘fats’ you could stomach …



quote from an FPD* of that golden age of health advice—

She dedicates Nourishing Fats “To the memory of Mary G. Enig, PhD” (1931-2014), her long-time colleague, friend, and coauthor of key articles and books. The two books they wrote together are Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats (1995) and Eat Fat, Lose Fat: The healthy Alternative to Trans Fats (2005). More than 30 years ago, Dr. Enig exposed the connection between trans-fat margarine and heart disease and cancer. The medical establishment first ignored her, then vilified her, and finally years later treated her findings concerning trans-fat as an unsurprising, obvious fact.

To read from source: CLICK HERE 

—make of it what you will. Or go find the very latest all-singing all-dancing health advice from your Health and Medicine Establishment (you know who I mean—those guys who told you that to even walk by a room containing an egg was to risk arterialclaustofosis, to even glimpse a picture of a butter wrapper would collapse you to the ground in fits of spasms whilst the blubber would be piling around your waist in layers too fast for your bathroom scales to follow).Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 23.56.45.png

Real butter, I’m told, comes from contented grass-fed cows. Organic if you can get it, a natural lovely golden colour devoid of artificial colourings. Not white.

Brought up on such I was often gob-smacked to see Americans cheerfully spreading some sort of health-promoting white grease from packets labelled ‘butter’. Yeuch.

Butter, dammit, comes from cows. Not laboratories:

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 23.59.24.png


Stay away from eggs too. (Well, they used to command us so from the minarets of ‘good advice’—it had to be truth, all the newspapers and ladies’ magazines were full of it.)

And (horrors~!) even the lethal egg is now legal again … and salt! But don’t get me started on the advantages of genuine salt over the de-salted salt they sell as ‘free flowing and health promoting’ table salt.

Graze as close to the ground as you can get and to hell with their officials, fashion, healthy pyramids, food police, and their ‘advice’.


* FDP = Food Pyramid Denier (shock, horror, dismay!) 

Sadly in NZ lard still seems effectively unattainable—I have to render down my own. O tempora, o mores …



come in now, please—

Others, like the late Helen Kelly, used marijuana to ease the pain in the latter stages of cancer. And yet a dark clouds still hangs over marijuana as if it’s some sort of dirty drug option.

At the same time, we don’t have the same concerns about the wide-spread use of anti-depressants which ease suffering but alter the mind while they do so.

The latest statistics I can find on anti-depressant use come from the University of London and this is just for the UK, but in 2015, 61 million anti-depressant prescriptions were issued. 61 million. Compared with the 1990s, patients stay on anti-depressants for 50% longer now. Some for decades.

So increasingly in a world where we prescribe drugs that alter the mind, why do we still oppose the controlled use of medicinal marijuana?

—to read more, click the link below:

Or not.

As a non-smoker of the legal ghastly weed I must admit that the couple of times I tried the illegal ghastly weed it did absolutely nothing for me. Correction, it gave me a bit of a sore throat. (A small price to pay—in the company I was with each time to not indulge may have led to worse than a mere sore throat)(brrr.)

pot luck.png

Who uses cannabis?

Official statistics from Auckland University’s Alcohol and Public Health Research Unit show half of New Zealanders aged 15-65 have tried cannabis, and one-in-six define themselves as regular users. That’s about 1.5 million ordinary Kiwis who have ignored the law and tried cannabis, and around 400,000 who continue to use it.

Many successful business and professional leaders — including many elected officials such as former Prime Minister Helen Clark, Opposition Leader Phil Goff and Associate Health Minister Peter Dunne — admit they have tried cannabis. Pot smoking is now normal.

to read from source: CLICK LINK  —>

I stumbled over this lot when I came across an article about some of the medical uses of the dread weed. If medics were genuinely more concerned with health than making bucks, perhaps they’d speak up (but if, of course, it really is a miracle treatment … silly me).

Anyway: don’t worree, be happee … and guzzle your soma.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 18.39.21.png

(if this is it … it’s about as appealing as a bowl of scotch thistles. Yuk~)



The Ring Of Truth



pcThis one really rang my bell.

But before you get the link you get the snippet—


I no longer just blindly follow along. I question everything and stick with food and plant based medicines that have been around for centuries. The road to recovering my health has been long and slow because I made many mistakes along the way. I also didn’t know that I had Lyme Disease.  It took me almost 7 years to heal myself. Here is an article that explains in more detail all that I have done to get well. I no longer suffer with Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, migraines, hypothyroidism, anemia, candida overgrowth, parasites and other co-infections. With proper nutrition, detoxification and healthy lifestyle the body can and will heal itself.

—and good luck with it. So here’s your LINK.

It’s a judgement call on your part. Sadly in this life too often you only get the one chance to exercise that judgement. But as I murmured in a reply on someone’s blog recently:

“Doctors quietly bury their mistakes”

—and good luck to them. Certainly they can set bones and take out various redundant bits (wot? The Ultimate Designer made mistakes?) and peer within without opening up, all good stuff, but for myself I use them only as a very last resort.


‘crank’ enough about it (without going ballistic) you shouldn’t much need doctors, and then only rarely …

“Mr Argus, Sir?”

“Yes, Little Ollivia?”

“Sir … when I grow up, should I be a heart-surgeon or a dentist?”

“Dentist, Kid! Most folks have thirty-two teeth but only the one heart …”