The planet (Earth … you know, this one) is overheating and cooking up. All the polar bears are running around in small circles looking for some ice, any ice, to rest on. Seals likewise, they can’t head any further north or south for refuge from the stifling heat and boiling waters. Walruses are even casting themselves from high places rather than haul themselves out onto tummy tickling bare rocks … etc etc … endlessly. Frightening, isn’t it?

But don’t fret, salvation is at hand if you’re prepared to make a few tiny sacrifices:

Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 12.14.13

Frightening? It’s meant to be. We used to call it propaganda but these days it’s referred to in awed tones as ‘science’. But—

I think (disclaimer alert: that’s a very personal “I” there) I think that we are looking at a new religion. In effect a variant of that line in Kipling’s poem “If” that reads to the effect

“If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
   Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools”

—and on this polarising*  topic of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ I beg you look at the lessons of history, and learn from them.


I’m off now to have a quick word with God, to beg Him not put me down for seal or walrus in my next incarnation (apparently ‘vulture’ will be marvellous).

Vulture 2a

* Polarising … get it? (Oh, I SLAY me!)



What are you, then—

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life” – Winston Churchill


—a bubble, blowing on the breeze?

Don’t mind me … I’ve just watched a u-toobe of Winston Churchill’s funeral (a bit dated now, but very—as it was back then—British).

‘Back then’, of course, meaning pre-PC.






and gals (oops …)


Pay attention now, read on to be alerted—

devil-2 BOP

“In 2016, Peterson released a series of YouTube videos criticizing political correctness and the Canadian government’s Bill C-16, “An Act to amend the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code”. The act added “gender identity and expression” as a prohibited ground of discrimination,[a][13] which Peterson characterised as an introduction of compelled speech into law,  although legal experts have disagreed. He subsequently received significant media coverage, attracting both support and criticism. Several writers have associated Peterson with an “”Intellectual Dark Web“”… 

“Compelled speech” — I like that. Idea. Call it how you see it, no? No … call it how ‘they’ allow you to. Russia tried that and it only worked for a while, but as the late great Santayana said (was it him? I get confused so easily these days) words to the effect that “Those dolts who don’t learn the lessons of history are compelled to repeat them” — and we shall leave it at that and thereby stay friends. Hee hoo time—

hee hoo controls expression of ideas,

controls ideas,

and thereby Thought itself

So to avoid the attentions of the Thought Police I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself and try to avoid antagonising self-serving pricks with guns. Not easy, but hey … you can do it.

chimp rocks



the deafening silence that rises whenever the subject of ‘free speech’ comes up. Certainly everyone is for it, of course, and wouldn’t have it no other way. AND before we go further … lest thee think me a reactionary old MCP anti-global warmingist ‘gay’ bashing wife beating etc etc … I’m not.

Like most I have my opinions. True. Unlike most, I make a genuine effort to listen to both sides of any issue before making judgement (yep. I do judge—a person is a fool to not use his judgement). But—

—can anyone make a fully informed rational decision in today’s socio-political climates? Unless we have Free Speech, no. We need all of the facts before passing judgement; and where half the facts are censored out by panty-waisted feminised limp-wristed brain dead mummy’s child socially adjusted genderically correct unopinionated ‘persons’ who don’t dare even call a lady dog a bitch lest some ‘person’ overhear him/her/it/them and set the social-correctness officers upon them/him/her/it/he/she/they. Oops—where was we? Oh …

Bugger it, I mean (oops, sorry, I meant Oh, bother”)—never mind.

“Mr Argus, Sir!”

“Yes, litt— oops … vertically challenged Mz Virginia?”

“Little will do nicely, Sir—it’s my name after all.”

“My apologies, Miss—oops, ms”

“Miss fits, Sir.”

“Thank heavens, Sweetie.”

“You may be a crusty curmudgeon at times, Sir—”


“—but my sister and I love you. Old school, Sir—we trust you. Please don’t ever change.”


So there, you modern wimps and Politically Correct cowards—I shall continue using the Queen’s English (unless she too goes modern) … YEUCH …



Death chatteringAGAINST


Stand against those who would control the thoughts of others—and by so standing help preserve our (illusory) Freedoms?


is the valid path to Truth. So let us hear everyone out—give all equal space on the altar to make their offerings; that we the hoi polloi may evaluate and decide whom to fund (via our taxes).







So our grandiose illusion-of-the-day is: Academic ‘Freedom’.  Truth in universities, our temples of learning. But is it truth established by independent research/thought or by vested decree?

Listen to this guy—

—who, if he ever gets another job will damned well know when to keep his gob shut. Being a martyr carries no coin, I tell you … but my old Dad used oft to quote—

This above all, 

To thine own self be true

Dad had a sense of drama and liked to ham it up. For myself I form my own conclusions and to hell with the mob. Would only that scholars may do the same; live and let live. But that takes real courage … especially in at least one Australian university.



arrow down red smartish

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 10.09.45.png

Line, simple thin

devil-2 BOPabove is from: CLICK HERE (or not)

Make of it wot you will.

But it invites the question:



No! Of course not! (So there, Yanks~ )

Maybe not completely ‘not’, though. (I must now look up “white supremacist culture”.)

Think about it—we Kiwis do have the very best ever world-beating education systems in the worl entire Universe. We invented the atom, flight, sailing …

So whence this thought—

Influential scholars and pundits have indeed dismissed “objectivity” and “worship of the written word” as hallmarks of “white supremacy culture.”


You go into any forum here these days and dare even allude to the possibility that our own noble Maori was actually a brutal cannibal thug at war with and scoffing his neighbours … boy, will YOU ever get screamed at (if not promptly terminated).

So if from a very limited sampling I offer an illegitimate* conclusion:



I await your outraged squawks … but don’t fret, I have a full coffee and pile of sandwiches; all lines are open—come on in, refute me. Or not.)

Screen Shot 2019-07-30 at 11.42.59

We sold heaps of these wee souvenirs before ‘white supremacy culture’ took over





* Who are you calling a bastard, hey?


devil-2 BOPTO

(a)  the Thinkers, and

(b)  the Courageous.

Oops … definitions due, lest my words be perverted by knaves to make traps for fools:

Thinkers – rational people who dare to sort intellectual wheat from the chaff which is intended not to elucidate but to recruit.

Courageous – people who stand for what they believe. (This term can be applied to anyone, right or wrong, who refuses to simply go with the flow but makes the best decision using the information available).


watch this interview right through even if some mannerisms may irk a bit …

arrow down red smartish


—and as the Princess says in that Disney movie:

“I await your declarations of war in the morning!”

Or, you could always do something really important — like watch the Rugby …

dodododo                        dodo                                  dodo