David Bellamy Esq; an authoritative Nature figure, famous for his many media appearances and stuff. But what mirage through yonder window breaks? ‘Tis the great ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’ delusion … Bellamy, too, was against it.

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Lest you get the wrong idea—I didn’t mean he was against the anthropoids warming the globe, he was against the idea that the anthropoids are warming the globe. In brief, he was in my camp — I think the AGW guff is vastly overhyped by shadows working to garner power from dupes. 


you can fool people some of the Time—


Why not? She sells … so milk her while she lasts—

—AND WHEN SHE BURNS OUT her memoirs may fetch you a few bucks from the nostalgic.

Now back to Bellamy; this quote

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In his foreword to the 1989 book The Greenhouse Effect,[20] Bellamy wrote:

The profligate demands of humankind are causing far reaching changes to the atmosphere of planet Earth, of this there is no doubt. Earth’s temperature is showing an upward swing, the so-called greenhouse effect … The greenhouse effect may melt the glaciers and ice caps of the world causing the sea to rise and flood many of our great cities and much of our best farmland.

Good summary, no?

Wait … it gets better—

Bellamy’s later statements on global warming indicate that he subsequently changed his views completely. A letter he published on 16 April 2005 in New Scientist asserted …

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At this point I’m stepping back. I think all this Greta babble is overhyped pitfalls-for-the-unwary stuff.

Bellamy (no fool) concluded likewise …








is bloody painful.

Being burned all over would, I imagine, be very painful. (This could be one of the reasons why medieval religious hierarchies were so enthusiastic about burning folks alive at the stake.) (It’s not amazing that folks would rather accept the love of God than be burned alive by His Holy Inquisition*.)

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Consider that three years ago … twenty years ago … sixteen hundred and seven years ago … forty-two thousand, four hundred and eight years ago … sixty-five million years six weeks and three days ago … thirteen thousand million years ago … God knew that in the month of December this year a bunch of innocent tourists would be in the right place at the wrong time and their holiday would end in tragedy.


it’s important: at any moment in all of eternity God knew (actually, being eternal—at any and every moment He knows) everything that happens. So on that morning he knew those tourists were about to step into a conflagration that He set in place (strictly in accordance with His Divine Plan) and He sat back with a bowl of popcorn and cup of tea to watch—as they got blown up by a volcano that he’d prepared fourteen thousand million years ago.

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Don’t fret. Happens all the time. If not volcanos, then wars and atomic bombs and stuff. I saw a book that asked “Where was God at Auschwitz?” which I thought a bit naive—God was everywhere at Auschwitz, and Buchenwald … and Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dachau, Saipan, River Plate, Normandy, Stalingrad, Midway, Little Big Horn …


(and any other Abrahamics) … I think your Loving Omnipotent Omnipresent Omniscient God is a bit of a sadistic prick.

How say you?

(No, don’t answer … just forgive me**) (lovingly). God Himself did, fourteen thousand million years ago. No?

ye Gods

“Actually, Dog … it’s ME I’m finding so hard to forgive …”


Line, simple thin

*   Wonderful recruiting aid, makes you wonder why The Church ever abandoned it.

** If you don’t—properly, not through gritted teeth—you won’t go to Heaven.


Screen Shot 2019-12-01 at 18.05.54I LOVE

what irked people sometimes say in response. Herewith below please find a few quotes (only slightly censored) from an Oz U-toobe regarding wee Greta:

  • When Facts don’t matter it becomes a Religion.
  • Recent studies have shown that one out of every three Liberals is just as stupid as the other two
  • The Climate change movement has become a religion
  • Someone needs to feed her better so she’ll start puberty.
  • … actually she travels by sailing boat. The crews of those boats have to fly…
  • Never let facts get in the way of a good story…
  • he who controls the media controls the message. Fashion before facts are all the rage
  • Key word here is “fashion.” Ideas become fashionable, and there’s no accounting for fashion
  • “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” -Voltaire
  • The adults have left the room, the west is lost
  • Fools will always be fooled by the foolish, so what’s new in the world
  • Why don’t they build a city for snowflakes. No electricity, no cars. No flying. No central heating etc etc
  • you’re a virus of selfish, badly educated, virtue signaling little turds
  • Self flagellation in the middle ages, climate cult now
  • Mark Twain said its easier to fool people than to convince them that they’ve been fooled

There’s more but if you made it this far you’ll have to go there for yourself. (Link below). Only the first part is relevant to this post.

In the meantime we’ll wrap up with this time-hallowed old clunker:

Never let facts

get in the way

of a good story.


(It’s eight and a half minutes)(enjoy~!)

(And yes, you’re right—I don’t overly like that guy … he irks me.)






Can anyone put up a better case than this guy?

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“… A revealing video of just how inefficient and unreliable wind turbines are as a source of power in Ontario, Canada. For all of the billions and billions of taxpayer dollars sunk into this most useless of energies, Ontario residents get a paltry ZERO percent return on their money, at the times that we need the power most. Unfortunately, Ontario is not alone. Great Britain, Germany, Spain …”

arrow down red smartish

It’s only five minutes to view. But such mega-malinvestments have to be lived with over decades, even generations. And paid forby all taxpayers—why not just by those who actually want these things?* 

You’re a voter, it’s your call.

So enjoy the fruits of your labours … as for me,

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* I wish …


selfieA DAMN

as a self-centred old silly old poop who doesn’t believe in reincarnation. But for those of you with

  • downline descendants
  • common sense
  • morals
  • mathematical genius

I invite you to this—

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To get the point I’d otherwise make come in at 4:07 to get my drift.

Miss Thunberg (or any of your profiteer/puppeteers) … any comment?

No. I thought not. Too busy swanning about in things other folks have made using machinery built with and fuelled by (gulp!) un-natural man-made synthetic stuffs.

Folks like you should take yourselves out of this modern world before trying to nuke the rest of us back to the Stone Age. (Yes, Little Ma’am — you are right. A good nuclear winter would do the job) —

nuclear blast & girl.png

“Yay! That’ll show those recalcitrant bastards!”

—but please be careful what you so wildly enthusiastically ask for—you just might get it … yes, there really are enough kooks out there.


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