“He also urged other struggling retailers to take on the support that Government could offer them.”


Nice. A government that actually cares. (Sweet, unusual, impossible, and very welcome too)(for some?)


But for cynics like moi (and any Realists alike) there’s always the ‘but’. I mean, take this ‘government support’ for example—who is this government? Are our rulers going to dip into their own pockets? Wow! But I doubt it. So: whose pockets ARE they dipping into? Taxes will be going up, no? And immensely. Or:

the nice Government is raising (more) loans overseas


Yep, more loans.

But loans are free money, no? They never have to be paid back!

Interesting point. But if in the future some damned capitalist lender does want its damned dosh back—will it be our caring Government who pays it back? (It will? Oh … that’s just so very sweet of them; has New Zealand after thousands of years finally invented the genuine altruist?)



Or, if as I suspect it’s ME that has to cough up, me who has to finance the largesse of a government (of self-obsessed individuals hiding behind a facade of ‘group’ activity, group decisions) — I just hope that I’m never repossessed.

kiwi 2

Face it, Kiwi … you are in for a bit of a rough ride.





    1. So if all the unemployed get drafted into the army, and the army gets set to work clearing bush and scrub, creating productive farms … win/win all round? Possibly even better if the army is set to work producing cheaper goods for sale overseas to earn needed income for New Zealand? (Don’t laugh, the Chinese and North Koreans are genius at it.)

      Everyone a productive taxpayer—hey, I like it!

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