Vulture 2(should one ever exist)


and has no need of ‘government’ largesse. It’s always the UNfree that need government intervention*.

“Dunedin mayor Aaron Hawkins​ is urging H&J Smith to consider help from the Government before closing its department store in the city.”

Sourced: CLICK ME

Self-interest is the greatest motivational force

    • on the planet
    • invoked by any form of government
    • in the English lexicon

It’s beneficial when harnessed by YOU in your own interests, and at it’s most vicious when invoked by others in YOUR interests. Now go look up the words ‘Lenin’ and ‘Stalin’ and ‘Communism’. I can wait, go get ’em Tiger (and prove me wrong).


“Hey! You! The mangy mutt with the moth-eaten fur!”

(Uh oh …)

“Who, ME, Mr Satan, Sir? I been good—     (oops) bad!

“Cool it with trying to make ’em think! … … Damn’ goody-goody busybody Dog! You know I almost had ’em, all, right there?!”

BOOM BOOMline, turquoise thin

*  That’s you, and me? (Don’t answer … hypothetical question. Forget that I ever asked, it’s exceeding my brief, and brevity is indeed the anti-verbosity soul of something more or less succinct; no?

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