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calling for balance. But wait—cheerful stuff isn’t news, only Doom & Gloom is news!

Whither then, this observation?

Remember swine flu in 2009? Initial estimates of case-fatality rates were about ten times higher than those calculated once the dust had settled. It turned out that swine flu, that year’s killer virus, was no more harmful than seasonal flu.

Damn. Here I am cheerfully reminiscing the old naval toast—

“Sudden plague, or a bloody war!”

(SFX: clink, glug glug glug … … burp)


the toast covers the two events which (in peacetime) could speed promotion. As can lack of foresight coupled with the inevitable hubris …

These include forgetfulness. In the 23 years since 1995, new generations who have never experienced the horrors of Ebola have been born in Kikwit. Protective equipment to shield doctors and nurses from contaminated blood has vanished, even as the virus has continued to emerge in other corners of the country. The city’s population has tripled. 


still don’t see where we’re going with this … trust me now:

I envy you~!


Headbangers Inc.gif

For more: CLICK HERE


2 thoughts on “CO V

    1. That magazine has a lot of good stuff.
      And it’s amazing also how much ‘Conspiracy’ stuff suddenly becomes mainstream (but often too late to be of anything but purely academic interest).

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