Easy answer that springs to mind:  no~!

Sure, some will learn and for many that learning will be the classic ‘too little too late’. But that’s the human condition. As a species we have books and various other records that non-humans lack. But to balance, many other animals have a common-sense that we humans lack.

One hundred years ago, in 1918, a strain of H1N1 flu swept the world. It might have originated in Haskell County, Kansas, or in France or China—but soon it was everywhere. In two years, it killed as many as 100 million people—5 percent of the world’s population, and far more than the number who died in World War I. It killed not just the very young, old, and sick, but also the strong and fit … 

Do I think that ‘locking me down’ is an over reaction? At first I was disturbed, being a Libertarian of sorts. But deeper into it I now cheerfully go with the flow. It took me twenty-two minutes lining up this morning just to reach the supermarket door; (where I was glared at by a battle-maiden in full regalia and then disinfected with a squirt of cold goo on my paws—before being allowed in).


things can never be the same again. The old order is overnight dead and we are entering a new age; hopefully one with tighter border controls applying equally to all. 


I’m dreaming I may as well put in a bid for education systems that teach all people how to actually think for themselves … objectively, critically. (Which would blow politicians out of the water for a start, which probably is why we have what we have, instead.)

So no — I don’t see that we shall ever learn. It’s simply not in our nature to.

(SFX:  cue Santayana’s famous line here, please. Be gentle …)


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6 thoughts on “CLICHE TIME AGAIN,

  1. Twenty-two minutes!

    The horror 🙂

    Harden up, Dog. You’re an old Navy salt. Think Nelson, if it helps. He had to shit in a hole and didn’t complain. There’s no grand conspiracy, just our imperfect governments trying to do what’s best for the population under their (temporary) care.


    1. ‘Grand Conspiracy’ as in shaded meeting in smoke-filled rooms, possibly not. But this whole scenario was called—almost spelled out—in much of the stuff I’d been reading for years; with obvious conclusions. Those cranks are either clever or psychic.

      In brief the ‘plot’ was:
      * one single massive threat threatening the survival of whole of mankind
      * combatted/countered by resolute action from a One World Government

      With that in mind, I’m happy to watch events unfold with a checklist in my paws. Nothing I can do as a spent force, although it helps (me) if I howl at the moon a bit …

      (Nelson ended up submerged in a brandy cask … there’s worse ways to go.)

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      1. One World Government is a pretty big conspiracy theory, Dog. But anyway, what’s so bad about the idea? If it’s a liberal democracy based on a parliamentary system we’d just all enjoy a Canada/Australia/NZ-style governance.


      2. Lots of folks have had the idea and worked towards it. The first part, not so much the second. Your “if” if a pretty big if, and I don’t see how it could ever last long. The problem is two fold—human nature, and human nature.
        Other than me, every dog wants to be Top Dog. Not good.
        And other than me, too many are clever enough to accept as fact the garbage they
        are (very sincerely) fed.

        Folks should be taught discernment and discretion from puphood … ain’t gonna happen.


      3. You’re right about our capacity to fuck up otherwise good ideas.

        I read a lot of sci fi, and it’s interesting, not one author has ever tried to paint (in detail) a unified earth future. Perhaps it is beyond imagination?


      4. Not beyond imagination—imagination can do anything, even create guys who are omnipresent, omniscient, and can do anything: no problem.
        But when we temper the above with reality, unless we are a wee bit loopy the notion falls with a loud PLOP and that’s the end of it.

        To not digress—
        when the lion lies down with the lamb, the lion can be expected to surround the lamb. (In at least three dimensions.)


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