“Taking advantage of this impulse, some are already going much farther. On Friday, the Hungarian government sent a bill to Parliament that will give dictatorial powers to the prime minister, Viktor Orbán, in the name of the “emergency.” For an indefinite period of time, he will be able to ignore whichever laws he wishes, without consulting legislators; elections and referenda are to be suspended. Breaking of quarantine will become a crime, punishable by a prison sentence. The spread of false information or other information that causes “disturbance” or “unrest” will also be a crime, also punishable by a prison sentence. It is unclear who will define false: The language is vague enough that it could include almost any criticism of the government’s public-health policy. None of this will fix the fact that Hungary is one of the European countries least prepared to fight the pandemic—not least because the policies of its nationalist government persuaded so many educated people, doctors included, to leave the country.”

—ho hum. Now be a good sheeple and slurp your soma; the shepherds have the con and God is on watch. What have you to fear?

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5 thoughts on “CALLED IT!

      1. Ridiculous notion anyway, a ‘United States of Europe’. (But briefly some politicians made great capital out of it.) And as always, the unthinking herds of sheeple went religiously along with it.

        Makes one think of the great truth of the saying in the Holey Bible, you know, where the lion shall lie down with the lamb … and as I’ve pointed out before, when the lion layeth down with the lamb—
        —the lion surrounds the lamb in all dimensions.

        For any religious folks out there let me explain it in simpler terms:

        the lamb is inside the blasted lion.


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