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was this, which doesn’t just beg a reply but screams for one:

Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 16.43.41.png


If such a fiend as the God of the Abrahamic religions actually exists, and if He is genuinely present everywhere throughout the entirety of Creation; and if He is truly omnipotent (can do anything) and if He is really omniscient (knows everything)—

—then how else can He be accurately described as anything but an unbelievably evil sadist?

If anyone accepts such a Fiend as compassionate, loving, kind, and merciful; not only do they live in a different world even the linguistic terms are poles apart.

OR they have bats in their belfry. (I vote bats).

Come along, good people—do some overdue root-cause analysis. Please, or I’ll have lived in vain. Do it, and let the rest of us know your conclusions:


God is good, yes? No?


Oogle phleep!

“Oogle-phleep! What was the question? Flubba da blubba da bloop …”

5 thoughts on “A COMMENT

  1. If there is a god one of his attributes (a big one) is suffering. This all came through him. The only right and wrong is whether you diddle or not, steal or kill without his consent.

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    1. And if it’s for His greater ‘glory’ then diddle kill steal rape pillage etc etc as much as you wish … and be blessed for it. (That’s where Hitler went wrong, insufficient tribute to God via the Pope.)

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