‘GOD’ debate, the overlooked

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15CLINCHER.

A comment I made minutes ago on Ark’s blog (take a bow, you atheist lout)—

How did I miss this?

Indeed we can, Sir. To attempt otherwise is to try to ignore God’s omniscience and omnipotence—for a religioso there’s no alternative; unless said Believer wishes to rewrite the book a little. A lot.

Don’t forget that God was right in there in the gas chambers at Auschwitz too, completely impotent when it came to interfering in His very own Great Holy Plan. Now you just try getting any Abrahamic to agree to that Truth.
It is the (R) THE biggest loophole in the Abrahamic debates (and everyone ignores it). Amazing …



We may, of course, ignore the notion and simply have ‘faith’ — trust in The Lord from whom all blessings* flow, and all will be well (the testimony of six million Jews can’t be wrong, no?).

Yup. God is good.



Line, simple thin

* All cursings too, seeing that ‘The Lord’ is/was/will be the one and only Prime Mover.

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