debate this guy, especially from the opposing side; nor even for a simple academic exercise. And on his side I’d hate to have to follow him as a speaker.

But don’t take me word for it; go ask a real expert—

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-12-15 at 14.00.44.png

—I’ll wait. Just give her enough time to rev up the ol’ histrionics a bit and set aside any vestiges of manners that might possibly still be lurking somewhere deep within.

Frankly I blame her parents and/or any other ‘experts’ she may have been overexposed to in her formative years. (A commenter on a u-tube said that ‘she should get out more’ … I think that was exactly right.)

Yes, I’d especially hate to debate against her—I just can’t handle ‘cute’ tantrums (or the unabashed two-faced in full shriek).


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