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In The God Delusion, author Richard Dawkins asks: “If God wanted to forgive our sins, why not just forgive them, without having himself tortured and executed in payment … ?”

Yeah, right — as if even before The Creation the omniscient didn’t know how his infallible Creation (Mankind) would turn out (to be such a damned sinner*)? So in His Almighty omniscience God went ahead anyway … can His Godliness be compared to a boy breeding flies so that he can get his kicks pulling their wings off?

Why else?

“When God created Adam and Eve, He made human beings who were not only dependent on Him for existence and life, but who He intended to enjoy a relationship with Him of sharing in His life and love.”


Just perfect.

I’m afraid he has me there, there’s no way short of many thousands of words that I can address this point — other than by saying that I’m not s sure that I’d like to share the life and love of an omnipotent omniscient who (knowingly, note) goes right ahead and creates

(a) us, and

(b) Satan

(or is it the other way ’round?).

Again the rational answer is:

  • Great God Almighty
  • is one almighty
  • bloody sadist.

This God guy (no, not the writer of that blog I’m quoting—I mean the actual Spook in the sky) comes across as more a petulant damned mentally incompetent morally challenged inferiority-complexed idiot than anything else.

But still, we love Him, no?


    no …

* Infallible. Has to be … otherwise the Perfect Artificer created an imperfect product in full omniscient knowledge … again:   we have a sadist.


    1. The idea of a ‘spy in the sky’ who sees all and can never be escaped; and who will seek you out no matter where you hide in order to glut His vengeful ire is a powerful incentive for those who accept it on faith value.
      And truly a marvellous tool for those who would hold others in thrall in order to pelf up large.

      So rather than faith I try to use my God given mind to come up with the most likely best course to follow.
      Always when presented with options one should ask: “Cui bono?” and where the religions are concerned, that ‘cui’ ain’t thee or me.

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    1. Never did, never shall, until day and night shall come to an end, for ever and ever, aper* .

      * Aper is a PC (gender free) way of saying ‘amen’. (Ya gotta be wiv it, Guv …)


    1. I’m sure that if we weighed you against a stack of Bibles you’d be heavier—the Good Book is designed that no matter how blameless you lead your life you hold at least one sin.

      In brief, you need forgiveness for being born—no? (Ye gods … how more original can a sin get?) (Lay on, Macduff …)


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