Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 20.31.14.png(it’s inefficient, I know … but I blitz a book first to see if it’s worth reading; and what bits will be worth dwelling on when I get there) (then I read it “For effect”.)

So—the blitzer is from the library in town, and thus far it looks as if the keeper will eventually be from Amazon.

Anyway, this—

down finger

Screen Shot 2019-12-04 at 20.24.32.png

—is the beast in question. Pretty well unquestionable, which is a pity ‘cos I’d like to see some discussion. So far as I’ve got already Mr Dawkins (ever the gentleman) has been kind where I’d be outright sarcastic evil. To each his own, he’s nice and I’m a fleabag but at least we’re philosophically in the same kennel (so to speak).

Strangely enough I was under the impression that Mr Dawkins had ‘popped his clogs’ and now knows the answers to all questions—but Wikipedia has set my mind at rest there; and we can look forward to more of his gentle but unarguable gems. (If it were me with his talents I’d go for the jugular …)


6 thoughts on “THE BOOK, I’M

  1. As for being ‘a changed man’ when finished … that, I’m afraid, doesn’t necessarily come with the turf for anybody. The seeds have to fall on fertile enough ground, which means into open minds—you won’t have any problems but most folks seem set in their (polarised) ways.

    It’s been noted before that a person’s ‘religion’ is more often his geography than his mind. Geography in this reference meaning ‘early and ongoing indoctrinations. (I often quote the US Civil War general who stated that “… battles are won by whoever gets there firstest with the mostest”).


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