I had a brief flurry on the topic of


—and am now throwing down a gauntlet for all comers. I’ll open with this simple range-finder—


—which I can cheerily expand*. Savage it if you can. (Sure, time exists—what else do we measure with all those clocks, hmmm?). Anyway it’s blatantly and absurdly obvious: movement is change of position (obviously with respect to time) and everything in the universe is moving …

AND NOW (ouch)

I’ll leave you with this challenge (which you won’t have time enough to accept) (so make some time) and

indulge yourself

in Fitzgerald’s translations of Khayyam’sRubaiyat. The original Khayyam is a bit different from Fitzgerald’s, so I gather that the work we love is mostly Fitz’s (he was too modest).

As for Time not existing—there are schools that hold Time to be simply an eternal ‘now’. Cute. Others think that there’s no such thing as a ‘now’ … the moment you find a now it’s promptly a ‘was’ and the next ‘might be’ becomes an is.

Any thoughts?

Enough for now*, more soon.



down finger

* Notice all the ‘temporal’ references? ‘Open‘, ‘brief‘, ‘soon‘, and ‘now‘ … and I’ve only just started*  (ouch). Everything is time based. (Get used to it:  no time = no nuthin’.)

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