Death chatteringFOR CHARLATANS


In effect: it’s all the garbage you can guzzle. Hey, don’t mind me—I’m just an old dog who actually loves animals, so feast your eyes on this—

—and for all that this gullible old dog knows, it might even be true too. But knowing what I know of human nature (you know, gullibility, and the inbuilt religious desire to believe) I believe.

View it and make your own mind up. Sometime in my unknown but no longer distant future all will become academic anyway. However … for yourself? Your downlines?



Aux armes, citoyens
Marchons, marchons!


6 thoughts on “CLIMATE CHANGE

    1. Concur. We need a new tax, a ‘falsehood’ penalty.

      Or better, better education of the electoral masses (hence my newest post). Did you ever see the one on walruses?

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    1. I love it when educated people pounce~!

      But still, can we rely on numbers and history; and ‘spin’ thereon?
      This world has been both a lot (!) cooler in the past, and a lot hotter. CO2 levels have varied also. Lots, and not always in lockstep. I guess I’ll have to post some links on misguided folks trying to tell us that the planet needs more, not less, CO2 in the atmosphere. I can’t confirm or deny but apparently greenhouse agriculturists pump the damned stuff deliberately into their structures.

      And now I’m concerned about academic Freedom and that guy in the James Cook University (Australia) who lost his job for going against the official party-line. (Academic Freedom Of Speech … she just can’t be beat …)

      And I see that some other misguided dupe has posted to the effect that the Oz Great Barrier Reef is actually in brilliant shape (except for where Greenpeace allegedly discharged several hundred litres of oil from one of its vessels) (?).

      Anthropogenic Global Warming it seems … is the new Religion. (Me? I’m agnostic with atheist leanings.)


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