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This caught my eye—

Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 17.44.22.png

and resurrected a thought about religious sacrifices, be they chicken, lamb, ox, or human.


of course is to curry favour with God. (He loves blood …)

And after priestly machinations the sacrifice itself becomes holy — so once God accepts the spirit of the thing (He always does, trust me!) the physical leftovers mustn’t be profaned by the unclean so the priest gobbles up the remnants on behalf.

So it’s win/win/win all ’round—

  • God takes His holy share (even though we can’t see any difference)
  • the priest takes his share of God’s leftovers   (  ”    ”    ”  )
  • the donor gets to go to Heaven (having just made a sacrifice); and
  • the only one a bit miffed is the chicken.

Do all religions ‘sacrifice’?

Yes. To be a True Follower of any religion you must (R) MUST sacrifice

  • your intellect
  • your integrity
  • your time
  • your independence, and
  • your goodies.

But don’t take my word for it—sacrifice some of your copious free time to go explore the idea.

Now just out of general interest, sacrifice more time to wonder if child sex (oops) sex with little girls shouldn’t be made compulsory in so-called ‘civilised’ nations? Let this dude explain—

—and form your own conclusions. I think he was once a Moslem but recanted, which as we all know is a death sentence … his own sacrifice, in fact.

Death chatteringDeath chatteringDeath chatteringDeath chattering


* Why not? Around the world every day hundreds of millions sacrifice themselves to the invisible and are delighted to do so—every coin dropped in a Collection Box, every million you donate to your favourite church/mosque/synagogue/temple/house of worship/etc is a sacrifice … (even if, poor sucker, you consider it an investment).

2 thoughts on “SACRIFICIAL

    1. Careful, Ark—if you offend the Omniscient He may have vengeful thoughts against your home team … but if you give Him a few chickens He may just tell you all the next season’s winners.
      Sheesh, if you play it right you could win a fortune; and for real win/win you could sacrifice half of it to God via his emissaries (who’d be delighted to serve as intermediaries) (trust me!).
      God may be a bit unforgiving at times but He’ll love you for ever (just don’t tell the teams what you’ve done) after a couple of chickens; longer still for some virgins, of course, but they’re hard to find these days.


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