and stop one—Death chattering.gif

“For example, to test men for apologetics knowledge, it’s really easy – just ask them what the significance of cosmic microwave background radiation is, what chirality is, what the significance of 1 Corinthians 15:3-7 is, and what is the difference between the deductive and inductive problem of evil. If they can’t answer all four of those then you can’t marry them. Biblical manhood concerns are not check-boxes on the marriage application form – they’re long-form essay questions. Judging the man’s ability to do silly stuff, like get a tattoo or clown around in a bar, is just not relevant to making the marriage serve God. A woman’s personal preferences don’t decide here – evidence decides. (So long as the goal of marriage is to serve God* , instead of to make women happy) …”

From the same source as in my previous post.

You know, I think this guy would have made a brilliant Muslim … given but an accident of birth. (Which of course is all a part of God’s ineffable plan—Him being omni-everything it couldn’t be otherwise, could it?)

selfie* To serve ‘God’? Or is it to serve God’s officers on Earth—by swelling their coffers? Tithe on, little dreamers … you may be piling up pelf on Earth for your church but thou art piling up greater investments in Heaven** (A much better win/win … you just try stuffing a Pope, bishop, or priest through the eye of a needle~!)

** And they’ll all be waiting for you at God’s table.

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