dragons17in someone’s post used the expression “historical guilt” — as if history is something to be ashamed of or feel guilty for.

For myself:

I refuse to accept blame for anything I haven’t done, anything that I

  • have had no input to or control over,
  • nor involvement with;
  • and wasn’t even alive at the time.


British. And at times proud of part of my heritage, proud of what other people only vaguely connected with me achieved—proud almost as though I’m entitled to some of their glory; which obviously I’m not … no more than I’m entitled to any part, however minuscule, of their guilt or blame. This may help explain why many modern Germans refuse ‘ancestral blame’ for Adolf Hitler and some of his generation’s misdeeds. Rightly so?


do YOU accept “historical guilt” as applying to you?


I’d declare you to be an excellent hypnotic subject (in all probability one who votes in elections)(for someone, anyone; maybe even the perceived best* of a bad bunch … so long as you do your ‘duty’ and vote.) I don’t vote …

I would vote if I saw

(a) any point, and if

(b) there were someone actually worth voting for. Meantime,



—and if you do …

… what the hell are you doing reading me?



* It too often means the least bad … for myself, IF  I were ever to vote again it would only be for someone I actually wanted. Wanted, that is, on rational grounds—not the one who trumpeted the loudest and/or screeched the most (recycled) promises; or was the least bad of a disgusting two-faced mealy mouthed bunch of confidence tricksters.

7 thoughts on “RECENTLY

  1. I reckon there comes a time when history informs us that almost every politician has little or no interest in genuinely promoting the well being of the country they have been elected to run.
    In many cases they appear powerless to actually do anything meaningful that isn’t pushed from behind by ulterior motives of others.
    Even something like the end of Apartheid in South Africa. If it was really viewed as a crime against humanity where was the UN and their multinational backers (partners in grime?) twenty years before democracy arrived here?
    I have not voted for ears either and I don’t even involve myself with politics any longer.
    And my life has not changed for the worse one iota. In fact, my stress levels are much lower!

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