be very very ware:


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This issue is intended to trigger a range of emotions from guilt to ‘Awww—ain’t that so sweet!’

My own reaction is that in Australia (biggest grasshoppers in the world, boom boom!) as in anywhere else you/we do NOT want minority groups in Parliament.

  • Or in The House.
  • Or in power.


YOU ACTUALLY WANT (but don’t realise it)

NO minority groups. In fact, no groups at all. All you need (desperately) is the defining minority group of:



Now let any panty-waist PC driberals get themselves a smaller herd than that! If they can (they can’t).


How often need it be stated?* That—

the smallest possible minority group (and thereby the very group most in need of protection) is the one individual. All of me. Them. Us.


protect the individual and you protect every bugger—all of us, with no distinction, no artifices like

  • rank
  • colour
  • creed
  • derivation
  • memberships
  • ancestry
  • friends-in-high-places
  • etc etc ad infinitem

One Law to serve us all. Equally.

Sure, not all men are born equal—I’d say at a guess that Donny Trumpet’s downlines have an unequal head-start on most; but in the blind eyes of Law all are should be equal.


who really owns Australia, and deserves especial ‘rights’?

Is it the black natives, or the various folks who took it by ‘Right’ of Conquest? (You know … same as the kiwis took NZ from the Maoris, or the Maoris from the guys before them**, or the palefaces took the USA from the natives … actually, the same as anyone anywhere took it from the guys who were there before ’em.) (Heck, everyone does it~!)***


the quoted news will hold infinite appeal to the PC, no? And regardless of any inabilities to see beyond the rim of their bowl, they (PC) too have a right to exist—and then blight Reality for everyone else.

*   And utterly ignored …

** And they vigorously deny that—but artefacts and traditions suggest (!) otherwise.

*** I often state (and am never challenged) that you only own that which you can hold against all comers. It (sadly) means by force …

5 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA, OUCH—

    1. Indeed. I got the gist of it years ago, when I tried it on for size and found that all they were really interested in representing was themselves … but give them credit: they do that very well indeed.

      Perhaps an answer might lie in abolishing all parties, and voting (as individuals) on issues? But we’d need someone to enact our collected wishes … and they would eventually inveigle the monopoly on actual power. Again …

      And as far as I can tell, ‘representatives’ represent themselves—first, foremost, and uniquely. The best thing about electoral promises is that they can always (R) always be recycled … and they are.

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      1. But isn’t that their role, to “represent” their group’s interests so they get a fair shake? If proportionality is an issue, then countries like OZ and NZ have been punching above their weight for ages. I guess it’s the same for some groups.


  1. Here’s the thing – regardless of geography colonization screwed over indigenous populations. Much as I loathe modern indigenous posturing for sympathy, society views indigenous minorities as a hot potato – pass it on, pass it on, ouch, ouch, ouch. Prevailing favor falls on conquerors, not the conquered. Simmering historical guilt lurks in unspoken dusty corners, resulting in uncomfortable PC calls for “equal” government representation. Equal representation can’t exist until squeamish citizens call bullshit on the elephant in the room. That being – stop the PC jibber-jabber, address the problem of historical white washing and get on with supporting all citizens as equal. Sigh.

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