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found here:  CLICK ME!   (Do it—you know you want to … )


the good doctor makes a very good point (actually, the same point I’ve often made)(but does anyone ever listen? Nooooo …) namely that

“Islam isn’t just a religion—

—it’s a complete way of life!

The Catholic church used to do that too, until de-fanged by civilisation. But pitting education, manners, liberty, etiquette, equality for women, free speech, democracy and all that simpering un-Islamic effeminism against the masculine bliss  power of Islam —   brrrrrrrrr!

The pen is oft claimed to be ‘mightier than the sword’. But you just try defending yourself with a pen against an enthusiastic Islamist with a Koran in one hand, scimitar in the other and the light of God blazing from his eyes. (Awww, go ahead … everyone is entitled to one mistake.)

Thanks, Ark~! I owe you … and there goes the rest of my Sunday.


That one is definitely not a oncer:  it calls for some serious viewing.

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