if it works! This came in a few minutes ago, I only changed a couple of words (a few times) …

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The foreman of a Christian road crew employed a poverty-claiming moonlighting priest to paint white lines down the middle of the road. He told Padre that he should paint two miles of road in a day’s work. 

After the first day the foreman was pleased to find that the priest had painted four miles of road instead of the two required.

On the second day, Padre completed painting just 2 miles of road.

The foreman was a bit disappointed, but didn’t complain as this was, after all, only what he’d asked for.

On day 3 the foreman was disappointed to find that Padre had painted only one mile of road, and so asked,

“On your first day, you did four miles of road. On your second you did two miles. But on the third day you achieved only one mile. What’s up?”

Padre replied, “Well, I’ll tell ya what’s up—but I thought a clever damned atheist like yourself would’ve been able to figure it out … every day I get further and further away from the paint can!”

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