Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 21.39.37.pngfor a great unabashed mind.

I was u-toobing Chris Hitchens and happened across this erudite piece of impassioned … writing? … and borrowed it as is, where is’ for passing along—


@EtScripturaeSanctae Amen! δικαιωθεντες ουν εκ πιστεως ειρηνην εχομεν προς τον θεον δια του κυριου ημων ιησου χριστου In perfect English, the New Testament text reads: “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” (Romans 5:1). Burning in hell since 15 December 2011, the sodomite Marxist boozer “Hitch” denied the only-begotten Son of God, rejected His free gift of salvation by grace through faith alone and died of metastasized cancer. GOOD RIDDANCE! Sleazy atheist mantras never saved anyone, and this ridiculous “MouseFFruit” video is a Satanist lie on many levels. Darwinism is a corrupt anti-Semitic myth, and the inerrant King James Bible clearly teaches us that the rapture of the Bride of Christ precedes the time of Jacob’s trouble. Noah’s Flood is the historical fact that the Saviour also confirmed, and regenerated Christians have all the credible forensic evidence about the jailbird “FFreeThinker” cyber fraud that we need. No species “evolved” into a new genus living anywhere on Earth, and any scientist in his (or her) right mind knows that NO ONE can prove ancient “origins by observation.” There is NO reasonable doubt that Cyrenius was “the governor of Syria,” and the validity of a godless worldview cannot be proven because it always has been delusional. Millennial eschatology has always been sound Biblical doctrine, and any known government in history could take a census in order to levy taxes on the families that it ruled.


—here now just in case anyone might have any doubts about the future of the Human Race … God is great, no?

In the meantime:

Mr Hitchens, you’ve enhanced this world by your presence and you are sadly missed (source of quote above is in the comments on this Toobe clip):

And if anyone contradicts anyone, once more we offer:

Contradictions Law

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