Fly Pig, left big

This won’t take much ‘time’ to view, it’s all good clean fun and I’m posting it for reasons that will be obvious to anyone who has partaken of my blog & comments in the past.

In the meantime, please enjoy—

—and if you go there it’ll only take less than five precious minutes out of your life. But, you’ll have a scientific argument to use against moi own humble furry self and a further reason to think I should stick to burying postme  bones in the back yard.

Or not …

Contradictions Law


2 thoughts on “THE LOOPHOLE—

  1. Love Brian Cox. I’m busy watching his BBC series called The Planets. Marvelous stuff.
    Recommend it in a heartbeat.

    Have you seen the film Interstellar? If not ,watch it. It explores the time travel a similar fashion.


    1. The only movies we watch these days are nonF or nostalgia trips. I’ll google it … oh, and of course, repeats (endless, we love that movie!) of ‘Peter Rabbit’. Boom boom!

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