(Clue:  you can’t.)

This in tonight

“Putin has long worked toward restoring a Soviet-style empire, and if his power, his theft of democratic processes is allowed to continue unchecked, the world becomes a lot less safe.”

—forcing me to ask “Wot wot, eh wot?”

Admittedly ‘democracy’ is better than blatant dictatorship. Sort of … but I’ve not yet been challenged when I state about political systems, that—


“Democracy:  is when we go the polls every X years,

to elect our dictators for the next X years.”


So we ‘democratic’ folks proudly possess elected dictators—compared to unelected dictators. As the ghost says in that movie, “Big fleshy deal!”

Some genius once stated that “Democracy is the very worst possible system—except for all the others …” (Churchill?) (Does it matter?) So—


gets elected he/she/it will move to establish (as best he/she can) permanence (or as far as possible, longevity) after which nest-feathering takes precedence.

And We (being us … the Great Unwashed) are simply shelved until the run-up to the next election. Not that we mind.

I’m not sure but I think I’m quoting a ‘Wizard of Id’ cartoon here …

“Hey, you—Lackey!”


“Elections coming up … how many of those promises I made last time did I keep?”

“None at all, Sire!”

“Great! I can use ’em all again!”

Hah! Let anybody just try to trump that!

And the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnnnnnnnnnnn …


4 thoughts on “CORRECT ME ONLY

      1. Some Dude with a few similar traits is currently in the USA, that’s all. You know, the ol’ association of ideas thing. The statesman has a funny haircut …


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