Technology too evolves.selfie

Hell—I remember when that first Sputnik thing was just a lonesome wee dot with the entire universe to itself … now there’s squillions of them up there, beeping about all over the place while peering into bedroom windows. (But now they’re called satellites). 

I thank heavens (and science/money) for Google’s maps, which give everyone access to stuff like … say … NZ’s fabled ‘Gemstone Beach’. (CLUE: don’t go there. Since they started pushing that name so many folks have scampered down with hopeful sacks the sheer weight of numbers has pushed gemmery into the past).


appears to be a mix of oldish and newish—

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 07.24.45.png

—and I can’t explain why them flowing rocks have become all black-like. Getting a bit closer don’t help none too good neither—

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 07.27.22.png

—so I put it down to censorship. Obviously the New Zealand gummint has a secret facility down there disguised as a black blob—being our very own Area 51 (code-named Area 45 southish to fool the guys who first invented blasted spy satellites).


Now go to Goo and see for yourself …



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