Fly Pig, left bigI was brought up (it means raised) to respect and admire the female of our species—you know, all soft and fluffy with big batty eyelashes, swirly hair and flowing movements. Delicate, even … graceful … gentle … and almost the same as people.


under the never ceasing hammer blows of Women’s Lip movements. But one sin of which I have never been guilty is underestimating the ‘gentler gender’. Brrrr. Never have, never shall.


as a whole has done exactly that on and off down through the ages, and more the fool it. Us. Wotever …

… as one by one the skittles tumble, illusions shatter, and the ideas inculcated and nurtured for their own nefarious benefit by the ‘gentler sex’ over generations and millennia are invoked. ‘Twas ever thus—

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—go there if you wish. Or not, it’s still a dog’s world after all*.

Screen Shot 2019-06-09 at 18.10.05

* Some of it. (If ever it really was, that is …)

4 thoughts on “REAL ‘KICKASS’

    1. People tend to look uncomfortable when I offer that it could simply have been graffiti, like modern kids with spray cans. But clever people say otherwise, and present us as if they actually know with their own opinions. (So why did that blasted chicken cross the road? I offer for one reason only, to get to the other side.)(Present this terrible conundrum to a group of educatees and you’ll get some interesting answers.)

      Simply: nobody actually knows. But most answers are painted with a modern brush.

      It’s long been a human urge (when presented with a blank surface and the appropriate marker) … to make your mark. Kilroy? You may have something there.


      1. In some way it seems the more obvious answer.
        Lovers carving their names in a tree … or on a wooden bench at a bus-stop.
        If you couldn’t write your name, X was often accepted, or ”Make your mark.”
        So, why not a hand print?
        Ug was here

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      2. Some of those graffitis are so far underground that they were no spontaneous gesture.
        (Love your touch about the modern brush …)


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