1st OFF, let’s open with a question:


pc, notbefore the dread ‘plastic bag’?

Hey … I remember paper bags.

And unprinted newsprint wrappers … with sometimes waxed paper liners; and no kerfuffle about saving the planet.

I also remember leaning against the guardrails watching the sea rush by with oodles of assorted floating rubbishes. Hundreds of miles out, back in the sixties, seventies. Move along, please, move along; nothing new here …


issue. For some.

For me, I merely anticipate the next major war wherein I shall serve only as an extra, a spectating pawn waaaaayyy out on the sidelines … but anyone civically minded had then damned well better watch out for pollution on an undreamt of Grand Scale. Just one brief morning of wild enthusiasm will reverse the course of years and years of self-denial using plakkie-baggie substitutes. No?

Oh yes …

Now here’s your quote—

“If a plastic bag is reused three times, for example being used twice in the supermarket and then as a bin liner, the cotton bag has to be used almost 400 times to have lower global warming potential than plastic.

This is because of the amount of energy and use of non-renewable resources it takes to extract cotton, make the bags and then ship them…”


So? So if you are a voter, and at all overly concerned …

… go vote for somebody—

chimp rocks

—anybody!  It doesn’t matter a damn whom,

politicians are fungible

Now go recycle something, a politician perhaps …

… and the beat goes on, the beat goes onnnnnnn …

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