down eyeface   MORE~!

Just had a call from my sister advising that there’s yet another spam-scam doing the rounds. This time with a service provider that I deal with. Been there, done that—nice, but whereas the advice usually given is to hang up on the buggers I like to draw them out, drag them in, and keep them chatting for as long as inhumanly possible—in the first place it’s fun for me; in the second it’s saving some possibly more naive person from scam-attack … and most importantly, the bastard in India (going by the accent) eventually gets more and more annoyed as it gradually begins to dawn that he is being … scammed. (I love being hung up on by an indignant spammer innocently going about his task.)

Screen Shot 2019-06-29 at 16.45.13

In the meantime, here’s a totally unrelated link that reminds Spouse and moiself of various Midsomer Murder movies we’ve seen: — and for me, of chilling things I too have done in the past … brrrrr~!


Death chattering


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