I’m easy:                    dragons17

  • I read the advertisement and promptly buy the product
  • I see the trailer, and promptly go watch the movie
  • I scan the review and buy the work
  • I hear the sermon and promptly—


Let’s take stock …

I challenge you*  to scan this snippet—

down eyeface

Line, blacker copy 2.png

Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 18.00.27.png
Line, blacker copy 2.png

—and not feel a tempting twinge to go there, read that … as a help in understanding the ‘religious impulse’ that seems to strike human beings everywhere and everywhen.


That’s the source: I found it when following threads triggered by one of Ark’s posts.

(If still lost, consider that I have religions much in mind. Any religion (brand immaterial, they are fungible in that all are out for just one thing:  wealth & power).

I said above that I’m easy. Am too … the problem is that I cannot stand seeing the innocent sucked in and ripped off by the unprincipled selling (making compulsory!) a non-existent product. Hence I am anti-religion.

dodododo        dodo                                                                 dodo


* Yes, YOU, Bub!

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    1. It was a ‘freebie’ … some time ago; so I guess some genius in WP did some statistical analysis and shelved it?

      I never did upgrade with the latest all-singing all-dancing system updates in WP and shall not anyway—what I have works. Sort of …

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