they tell me.

selfieI wouldn’t know, too young to die. But I help maintain alacrity with coffee. The latte in our very most favouritest coffee joint in town is to die for, but let’s digress:

I recently (months ago now—but fits the bill) bought a gadget that looks like a plastic bike-pump gone different. (I also have french presses, percolators, a coffee maker machine, stove top things that originate in Italy, and when all else fails: instant) (brrrrr).


Now where were we? Oh yes … some history—on a car trip to the continent (early sixties) I was introduced to a huge bowl of milky coffee by a French sea captain who delighted in showing  his signed letter-of-thanks from Winston Churchill (for seamanship during D-Day and after.)(Letter was lovingly crinkled but the coffee to die for) …


Oh … yes, that gadget. Try this on for size—

—and try not to freak out in delight and nostalgia when she says—


“… take your plunger and insert it …”


—then get thee hence (and I think I can guess why comments were disabled for that video) (brrrrrrr~!). She demonstrates the ‘inverted’ method, it can also be done the other way …

BT smiling teethy grin

Anyone for Latte?

5 thoughts on “OLD SALTS DIE HARD

    1. Convenient … I’ve had several similar over the years. Makes a nice enough cup, but I stand now firmly with the Aeropress. (And sadly, get no recognition for my endorsement) (’twas ever thus …).

      There must be as many ways of making coffee as there are fashions—but we knows wot we likes, Guv~!

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      1. Ever tried going a long time without coffee? I did when up in Nepal. Must have been 2, maybe 3 months, then one day some Americans came up to Rara Lake… and they had coffee. My brain exploded.

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