—with grateful gratitude for triggering an exorbitant but wildly enthusiastic ‘WTF’ guffaw. Several in fact. And for making my day … and for these lovely images too—

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 17.24.35.png

Much as I admire what appears to be someone’s idea of a jen-yoo-wine seagoing nautically feasible Ark* I’m forced to ponder—

  • the rudder**
  • those bilge-keels, and
  • the costs involved

—but I’m still oodles impressed.

Why would a vessel with no means of propulsion need a bloody great rudder? UNLESS I’m wrong, of course, and perhaps what appears to be a rudder might in fact actually be the means of propulsion in itself. You know, flap from side to side often enough and the vessel moves forwards?

But bilge-keels? Were they in the blueprints in the Bible, or did the modern replicator think they would be helpful in the next flood—and if Ol’ God left ’em out on the original, surely (although a jealous God~!) He wouldn’t object to someone picking up His ball and running with it?

As for costs … ya gotta sow to reap, no? So any monies sunk (ouch) into this replica would be quickly returned and greatly increased with the passage of time. Investment, pelf be the name of the game, and—

—dinosaurians? Why not … talking miracles as we are, anything goes. (No?)


for reading this far you deserve another ark. This one by a South African and his missus in New Zealand’s southernmost city—finger-pointing-down

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 18.20.51

… no bildge keels, no rudder—but complete with dinos (on the boarding ramp). AND you get to look for FREE~! (Beat that, Grant County!)


*   The wee boat (not the notorious atheist prophet)

** Or it could be a naval ram (as made famous by triremes and stuff)

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