to one minute and fifty-seven seconds.


Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 10.19.15censored (oops) …   words to the effect of WTF …

Oh, come on!

Or not, but here’s your link—



—and see if you get any further? (Go on … you know you want to~!)

So … wotsit all about, hey?

CLUE No 1:

if you

(a)  clicked the link; then when you were eating your scrambled beans on toast or whatever else you gobble for breakfast … doing so was in your future, and there was nothing you could have done to avoid it.

CLUE No 2:

(b) if you didn’t click the link; then etc etc that was in your future and there was nothing you could have done to avoid it.


Your think you have Free Will and can make choices and/or decisions?

Say ‘yes’ with any degree of conviction and I can sell you the Sydney Harbour Bridge … because you are a product, not of free thought, but of indoctrination and inculcation and for all I know of education.

(Wanna buy a Bible? I can put you in touch with nice kind folks who have oodles of them, for free … wanna actually think, for yourself? Ouch. That’s not so easy … first you have to accept that there ain’t no such thing as Free Will—if you think you think there is you ain’t thinking …)

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 17.28.40.png

Free to a good home … (Auckland’s is prettier~!)


dodododododododododo dodo dodo      dodododo dodo  dodo

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