—yet they cast it out?


—now here’s your quote-of-the-day:

“A Lego enthusiast is packing up his toys and going home as a dispute of biblical proportions brews over a potentially controversial display.

Lezle Luketina-Johnston created a series of 12 well-known Bible stories and was surprised and offended when BrickCon New Zealand organisers asked him to tone them down.

The organisers were concerned about five of the 12 scenes that contained a naked Adam and Eve and other naked figures with Lego-tile bricks acting as breasts.

There was also a bloody scene of David’s defeat of Goliath,  Abraham about to sacrifice his son on an alter with a knife and a soldier in King Solomon’s court about to cut a baby in half.​”

To read from source      cat walking RIGHT.gif     CLICK HERE


they are offended by the imagery but not by the documents/systems that inspired it? Damned one-track heathens … shouldn’t be allowed … or—

—or (horrors!) perhaps this was the only way the atheist swines could protest the Great Work Of peace, love, compassion, and Justice?

A thought— “david’s bloody defeat of Goliath” … did David bloodily do that of his own Free Will, or did God know millions of years in advance what the inevitable outcome would be—and could not a peace loving compassionate God have had them simply toss a coin to decide the outcome?*

And did He really have to send a man in a dress and feathers to shoo them out?

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 17.47.36.png


I see …

… it was a bit ‘infra dig’ for Him to do it person. In Godson. Himself—

“Mr Argus, Sir?

“Yes, Little Virginia?”

“Point of order, Sir—there’s actually three of Him in the Divinity Trinity, Sir.”

… Bugger … dammit:  move over, A and E, I’m coming with you …

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.08.04


(Oops … now I’m for it … hope the fire insurance is up to da— )

“Cool it, Dog! You’ll be getting them thinking next!”




* Hell … with a precedent like that the Yanks would never have had to nuke Japan either; and who knows, perhaps even Troy might still be trading?

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