1. True

2. True.

3. True.

So whaddya gonna do about it? Carry on as we are, or try something different? The old saying is (UK armed forces rings a bell) “Give us the tools, and we’ll do the job!”

At the risk of offending sensitivities across your readership what we’re doing thus far is ‘mental masturbation’ (provides a moment’s satisfaction but doesn’t get anyone fu— pregnant).

What we need to do is cut to the chase and hack away the roots, the foundations.

Quite simply you/we won’t get anywhere worthwhile by scoring points against the demonstrably insane.
We need to demonstrate that they are insane (can’t be done, can it …) or inoculate the upcoming generations by giving them the tools with which to think for themselves.

Again I bleat about the Rule of Contradiction … if nothing else.

But you’d be hard put to find any contradictions in ANY religion, or between/among religions; so I guess we’re stuck with the status quo. (Yes, Little Virginia, that was indeed …)

So give the kids the God-damned tools, no?


And may God protect you and all who sail with you …

chimp rocks


Ram right

Ram left

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