I reproduce in full herewith, below:  finger-pointing-down


“Get ’em young enough and they’re yours for life” … to quote a certain Christian school (Jesuits~!) justifiably famed for its scholarship, education, learning (and ability—brrrr).

It’s true, too. They do, too … Which is why all the mental masturbation in the world that is our discussing and dissing ‘religion(s)’ just ain’t gonna cut it.

If you wanna cut it, then cut to the chase … teach the young how to think. How to think, rationally, for themselves—which paradoxically could mean teach them religion.

But not just one religion (whichever ‘one-true-religion’ that one is) … give them an unbiassed smattering of them all. Okay, one lifetime wouldn’t be long enough so just give them an academic appreciation of the contradictions in the many conflicting claims. (‘Uniqueness’ would be the ideal staring point.)

Otherwise, let’s just keep on giving ourselves and each other the warm fuzzies by rehashing the same-old same-old. And getting nowhere …



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      1. Of course You are~! But my wife still gets troubled at the thought that you’re in there in the loo with her when she has a poop …


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