I’ve just …

scanned through the


and summary openings of various news articles in the Southland Times. Everything from Islamics running down and killing people on London’s Tower Bridge to Girls being lured to China on false promises.skull & bones

A lot—most~!— of what ends up wrapped around fish-n-chips would have been averted if only …

… if only

  • God/s didn’t rule this benighted planet, and if only
  • people were brought up to think for themselves …

I shan’t go into it again* but if people were given the basic tools of thought at the age when they need ’em most**  there’d be no religious conflicts. In fact, were it but a universal there’d be hardly any conflicts at all …

chimp rocks


* much …

**  Which would be at any age (early childhood would be my preferred option). No, no, no, silly person—I don’t mean bung ’em full of anti-deist propaganda, I mean teach ’em how to actually  think for themselves.

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