Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 10.08.04I hope not. Just trying to push some old facts further back in the bucket to make room for some replacements—

 “… It is rare for an asteroid of this size to pass Earth so closely, according to Nasa, which says that smaller asteroids from 10-20 metres have been spotted at similar distances but those the size of Apophis are much fewer.”

to read more: CLICK HERE

Click, go—and try not feel like a dinosaur (they say it will miss by miles anyway, so no need to fret).


Screen Shot 2019-05-04 at 08.35.54.png

I didn’t go to that NASA link. I’m too busy with the ‘here and now’ — the gunfire out there has died down and the first dawn of the duck season was almost ideal, weatherwise, for the hunters. They’re still banging their socks off out there but surely must be running out of stamina (and/or ducks)?


to follow some links, especially links to crackpots like Graham Hancock and his ilk who keep trying to tell us that a huge asteroid impact a few millennia ago wiped out human civilisations at the time and reset our clocks as a species.

Naaaaah, brekky is much more important …


8 thoughts on “MERCHANT?

  1. Damn! How did I miss this wee gem, earlier?

    “Osiris-Rex aims to collect at least 60 grams, or 2 ounces, of dust and gravel from Bennu. The spacecraft won’t land, but rather use a 3-metre mechanical arm in 2020 to momentarily touch down and vacuum up particles. The sample container would break loose and head toward Earth in 2021.”


  2. I like the idea that humans have risen and fallen once or twice before (Veles only knows there’s a lot of time at play here), but i just can’t get over the fact that some artefact or trace of these previous civilisations would be found. Of course, it could be under the oceans, but that would place those civilisations a millions of years ago, as opposed to 100,000+ years.


    1. Hah! You should follow some of the links I post to nutcases like Graham Hancock and BF (Brien Foerester) and now increasing herds of others (their thesis is that some great calamity beset a populated planet in this solar system which knocked the sophisticated natives right back to the stone age).

      Sounds a bit far fetched but some of the observations they make and the questions they ask call for open minds (open, I said … not vacan) and invite rebuttals from a rather subdued arrogant Establishment. Rebuttals that aren’t forthcoming (in the hope that they’ll shit up and go away?)


    2. Interestingly ‘they’ recently discovered a thirty ks wide crater under the Greenland ice; claims have been made that link it with extinctions and the Carolina Bays. But I speed read (old dog, limited attention span).


      1. JZ:

        The un-replicable pyramids of Giza; Petra, constructions at Baalbeck and in the Americas? How on Earth could we, today, shift some of those pebbles across the desert’s dusty wastes? (Ok, green fields in those days … but not all that easy, even across the verdant plains).

        I’m happy to accept that there’s more (as the cranks keep telling us) to such monuments than we are told to believe.

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  3. QUERY:

    How do they ‘vacuum’ up some dust in outer space? (Perhaps they blow it up a bit first—compressed air puff, not dynamite).


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