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skull & bonesDiscussion over at the Ark’s blog: private gun ownership, laws pertaining, and firearms control.


different world. One that only sometimes laments a kook getting loose with weaponry and an overdose of ‘stupid’ hormone (with  enthusiasm to match).


casualty count here was some fifty worshippers killed in mosques in our earthquake-prone wee town of Christchurch. Apparently some Australian guy couldn’t do it at home so he popped over here to us, purchased the appropriate toys—and indulged his wildest dreams. Not good.


have to be

  • why? and
  • how so?

Let’s leave out the ‘how’ for now. It doesn’t need answering. But the ‘why’ is interesting:


it was all yesterday’s news (and we’ve heard nothing much since) I can only guess at his motives. One might assume that he didn’t like Islamics, and by taking arms against a sea of Moslems was attempting to end them.

Then again perhaps he was just getting his jollies … you know, “boy’s toys” … his Mum should have taught him better manners, no?

Yes, she damn’ well should have.

So I’m setting up a simple straw-man here? I don’t think so … I’m striving for the Root Causes (and they ain’t simple).

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 20.42.30.png


which I imagine his keepers are now working on:

  • was he (is he) insane?

If he’s found to be insane I imagine he’ll be locked away in a secure facility somewhere (for at least a few token weeks before being paroled). For myself I’d venture that any tourist running around in New Zealand popping off the locals is insane. A bit …

If he’s insane the easiest answer now would be to pop him off  (oops) lock him away for ever  a while. People soon forget; especially when the duck shooting season opens tomorrow—first Saturday in May (Boom boom!).


floating some possible answers to the hand-wringing questions, particularly the old perpetual favourite

“How can we stop this ever happening again?”

especially when spoilt brats with guns keep popping up finger-pointing-down

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 18.00.54

—in the most wannabe peaceful places.

(400 words already so I’ll continue tomorrow, with some of my utterly ridiculous suggestions.)


Boom boom and pass the percolator …


3 thoughts on “BELIEF

  1. As I understand it, if he’s found to be insane he would still be probably locked away for a while, and in those cases the release date isn’t determinate. The idea that he could possibly be released again is an uncomfortable thought, though I don’t think that will actually happen. Personally he should’ve taken a bullet, that way we don’t have to pay for his imprisonment, but then again, prison is punishment for him.


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