Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 09.41.55“…as beauty does” (to paraphrase one Forrest Gump).

And is very much in the eye of the beholder. I have always had an eye for the beautiful and have been able to find it often in the most mundane, plain, and/or even ‘ugly’. So sue me …


aren’t too picky. Not by commonly accepted standards. But here we’re considering the physical ‘beauty’ of the human woman. (So we mean sex-appeal, no?)

No. Certainly SA is a major for many but beauty is as beauty does, and I find the shot below rather …

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 23.20.31.png

… beautiful.

Some oaf with a camera got it right, no?

Or is it the /sex appeal’ of the pose, the posture, the wide and almost challenging eyes, the chomp-on-and-swing-from-me lips …

… and the fact—

—that I have a ‘thing’ for long-haired blue-eyed blondes. Racist? Go chew your tail—it’s my very own personal preference but I’ve never limited myself; programmed by circumstance (I’m a human male, after all) my tastes were always rather eclectic (and academic these days—regardless of the Women’s Lip movements I can still dream).


But to be beautiful beyond street appeal there has to be someone home. There has to be something behind the facade … which means a meeting of minds. No?

Minds (in as much as the wide-eyed zealotish robotic gibbering cackling PC will allow anyone these days) have to reveal themselves and be compatible to hold my attention. The wrapper may be appealing but if the candy don’t taste good: yeuch.


is she beautiful, or not? (The let-out for you is that she is a wee bit dead. But the photo was taken before she deceased, so the question is valid.)

I say a superb capture

of a beautiful woman.

As beautiful as a very ardent and (by modern standards) somewhat insane Nazi woman could be. (They had some gorgeous gals, them Nazis …)

Bitch First Class with Hons, I believe; but it’s time now for a wee bit more concentrated fully focussed intense research …



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