giphybut a harmless bloody crank. Unlike most; especially those who converse with Gods.

Moving on:


more with every passing day that we are fed merely an emotive papful of the Human Story: by science, by academia, and even by some cranks.

So for any observer the starting point has to be Objective Thinking. Of his own. 


time again:

Hee hoo won’t learn from history has got to do it all again, over and over, and over again … until he gets the hang of it—proper.


(Hey, don’t growl at me—I’m just quoting (badly) one of the greats of philosophy.)


without ever being able to prove it …

(a) that the nutters are right when they state that civilisation existed pre the ice-age/s but was blown away by cosmic events that reset our clocks; and

(b) that we are entering a paradigm shift—thanks to cranks who ignore the blasted books and do their own thinking; and

(c) Eventually academia/ science/ experts and stuff will drop the outmoded ball they are desperately holding (and upon which their prestige and income depends) to become experts in the incoming mainstream.


Before you bite my head off — what were YOU taught in school, about the building of the pyramids?

Was it anything like “thousands of slaves, whips, and oodles of log rollers”, hmmm?

But I still don’t believe that “The aliens did it!”. Aliens, schmaliens … WE dunnit … but I’d love to know how, with what, by whom*, and when.

In some of my earlier posts I stated that I believe the Giza Pyramids were thrown together as piles of (literally) crude rubble, topped off with vastly superior casings—

Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 11.09.09.png


Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 11.09.14.png



—so (obviously?) the function was served by the skin of the edifice, its bulk, and possibly its hollow bits (shafts, chambers) etc etc while the junky rubble was merely to assist that end. (Perhaps as some suggest the functions were also served by positioning, permanence, and alignments. )

However, I do not (repeat) cannot go along with the idea of the GP of E as a tomb. No, no, no no no no no no no no … but for my reasons you’ll have to look at the subject yourself, objectively.

Or not …

* Yeah. But by whom? And how—it sure wasn’t done by log-roller technology and copper saws casually slicing through endless granite …

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