skull & bonesthis bull.


“Child rape, as unspeakably horrific as that is, is not even to be compared with the blasphemy and perversion of the being, nature and name of the Creator and King of the universe.

Right there is your problem Gabrielle. You exalt man above God.”


So here we have it in a nutshell … all boils down to values. It’s a question of who values what (the ‘why’ is irrelevant at this stage).


lies in teaching people to think.

To think rationally for themselves rather than unquestioningly accepting what their self-appointed ‘father’ figures tell them—

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 22.52.07.png

—without even for a moment considering the contradictions inherent in the pap they’re fed*.

Reread that Khayyam quote—doesn’t it scream at you that the ‘omniscience’ of God makes a mockery of any concept of ‘Free Will’?

And that some folks are entirely devoid of mercy and compassion, or even basic morality as understood by the dumbest brutes swinging through trees?

chimp rocks

“Me man, me use tools. You dumb nut—crack, damn you!”


* Doorknobs don’t ask questions either. Neither do thrips. Nor things washed up on the beach that go SQUELCH when you step on them—so all could qualify as devout religiosi.

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